Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Get Rid Of Bounty And Wanted Level

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It must be admitted that when you start Red Dead Redemption 2, the temptation to engage in illegal activities is pretty strong. Unfortunately, bad behavior can lead to a bounty, so in this guide, we explain how the size system works to help you deal with them.

How To Get Rid Of Bounty And Wanted Status

What Are Bounties?

Trying to explain it in a simple way, a bounty is a value linked to you depending on the crimes you have committed. While in other Rockstar games the bounty system was not very detailed (think of the stars of GTA), Red Dead Redemption 2 has introduced a more complex system.

Crime Levels

  • Nobody has noticed your crime – no consequences
  • Someone has seen you, but can’t identify you – investigations (it could lead to a wanted status if they will identify you later)
  • Someone has seen you and can identify you – wanted status

What to do to avoid being recognized

  • Use something to cover your face
  • Don’t let anyone see you on a horse you usually ride in town
  • Change your clothes before and after committing a crime
  • Don’t let investigating lawmen see you

How to get rid of a Bounty

The more serious the crime you have committed, the greater will be the bounty (if the will recognize you, of course). You can’t get rid of a bounty by simply running away, but – if you want to continue your activities in a certain area – you must go to a Postal Office and pay for it to redeem yourself.

How to remove Wanted Status

If lawmen are looking for you but you haven’t been recognized, all you have to do is stay away for a while, waiting for the status to disappear. Wanted writing will fade from red to grey, showing when it is safe to return in the crime area.

Things will change if you have been identified. In that case, in addition to the wanted state, you will also have a bounty to pay for when the wanted writing will fade away. A valid advice, however, is to avoid fighting because it will only lead to having more lawmen coming after you.

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