Welcome To The New World Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

Welcome To The New World Walkthrough

In the previous mission Banking, the Old American Art, Dutch planned out a Bank Robbery. He lost some of his gang members and plans to leave the city. Dutch, Arthur and few gang members boarded a ship and Dutch convinced the captain to help them to go to Cuba. But the ship stuck in the storm and everyone is separated. The next day Arthur wake’s at a beach alone. This is the beginning of Chapter 5 Guarma, Mission 1 Welcome To The New World.

Welcome To The New World Walkthrough

Welcome To The New World Walkthrough

For Gold Medal follow your gang members and get 10 headshots.

The Beach | Welcome To The New World

After getting up walk on the beach, you will see in cinematic mode, Arthur walking alone on the beach. Keep walking till Arthur falls and stand back. After you see the location screen, the minimap will appear on the bottom left side of the screen. Walk straight and after covering a short distance you will see smoke on your left. This will trigger a cutscene where Arthur unites with Dutch and his friends.

Walk With The Chain Gang | Welcome To The New World


You will be chained with other members and forced to walk. Following the chained gang is one of the requirements for Gold Medal. Arthur’s gang will be chained with another group. Continue walking, you will hear some gunshots. Arthur will break free from the chain, as soon as you get control to shoot the guards and save your friends. Then pick the key from dead guard and free your friend. In the cutscene, you will see Javier will get shot on his leg and fall down. Others will escape, you will get some rifles.

Follow The Rebel | Welcome To The New World

The rebel will offer you some rifles, use them to kill the guards chasing you. You will be on an old building, from there you can easily spot and shoot the guards. This is the place where you can get headshots for the gold medal.

Once the fight is over, the rebel will ask all the gang members to follow him. He will tell you about Fussar who is ruling the island. The rebel will agree to help Dutch, in return, he need help for locating the escaped workers. He will offer a place to rest. This is the end of the first mission of Chapter 5. You can read our walkthrough on the next mission Savagery Unleashed.

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