Rell Seas Release Date (Everything We Know So Far)

Roblox fans are looking forward to the Rell Seas reelaase date as hype for the Blox Fruits killer gets out of control.

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Image via RellGames

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Developer RellGames is well-known for its incredible Anime-style Roblox games, but there’s one that looks bigger and more ambitious than anything it’s ever done before. Once the Rell Seas release date hits, players will discover just how epic a Roblox game can be.

While Roblox is home to hundreds of games, only a few are ever played by the majority of fans at any one time. A constant stream of new titles takes players steadily from one to the other, and very few stand the test of time as games such as Blox Fruits have. However, the latest release from Rell Seas is what many players are calling the Fruit Blox killer thanks to how much content it has stuffed inside for players to uncover and explore.

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When Will Rell Seas Be Released?

ship shooting land in rell seas roblox
Image via RellGames

Rell Seas does not have a release date at the time of writing. Developer RellGames is actively working on the game, and fans can get a good look at how things are going by following the company on Twitter. Any announcements regarding the game’s release date will be posted there first. It’s also worth checking the official Rell Seas Roblox page from time to time to ensure nothing has been posted there since that’s where players will launch the game once the Rell Seas release date arrives.

Everything we’ve seen of Rell Seas looks incredibly impressive so far. The powers are outstanding and the sailing mechanics, allowing players to take control of their own ship, feel like they belong in Skull and Bones instead of something within the Roblox ecosystem.

How to Watch the Rell Seas Movie

Anyone can watch the Rell Seas movie by playing the YouTube video above in this article. The movie is also available on the RellGames YouTube channel, where Roblox players can stay up to date with the developer’s latest news and games.

While the Rell Seas movie might sound like an anime, we can assure all fans it’s not. In fact, the Rell Seas movie is an hour-long overview of the gameplay systems and mechanics players can expect to see when they finally get to play the game after the Rell Seas release date has passed.

Will Rell Seas Have Codes?

ship customization in rell seas roblox
Image via RellGames

While we can’t confirm this until Rell Seas has been released, we’re confident it will have codes. Previous games from the developer, such as Shindo Life, also have codes that are regularly released to reward players for hitting certain milestones, so we don’t see why it would stop with Rell Seas.

However, we’d expect these codes to only start being shared once the Rell Seas release date has come and gone. It makes no sense for codes to start populating for players to use if they can’t get into the game.