Remnant 2: All Status Effects & How To Cure Them

There are six status effects to keep track of in Remnant 2, and this guide details each one, and how to cure every status effects.

While exploring the several worlds within Remnant 2, there are going to be several status effects that you encounter while playing the game. These status effects will harm your character in unique ways, and you don’t want to have them for too long.

The best way to take care of any status effect is to use a particular item on them. It also helps to know how each status effect works while you’re playing. Here’s what you need to know about all the status effects in Remnant 2 and how to cure them.

Every Status Effect in Remnant 2 & How They Work

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There are six unique status effects that occur in Remnant 2. You can find them in the various worlds that you can explore, which makes some of the consumables far more valuable to you, depending on your location. Luckily, you’ll usually find the respective consumable that removes a status effect based on that same world. The six status effects in Remnant 2 are Bleeding, Burning, Corroded, Overloaded, Root Rot, and Suppression. You can purchase each of these curing items by speaking with Dr. Norah at the Ward.

Knowing the different status effects is important, and now it’s important to focus on how to cure them and what to expect when taking these effects.

How to Cure Bleeding in Remnant 2

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For those who are suffering the Bleeding status effect in Remnant 2, make sure to take some Bandages with you. Bleeding is a damage-over-time effect that can be extremely difficult to handle if you’re in a fight where an enemy can land Bleeding attacks on you.

How to Cure Burning in Remnant 2

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If you’re taking any type of Burning damage, make sure to apply Mud Rub while playing Remnant 2. As the name might suggest, the mud will put out the flames on your character and increase their Fire Resistance for a short time. The Burning effect is another damage over time effect.

How to Cure Corroded in Remnant 2

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The next status effect you might encounter in Remnant 2 is Corroded, which you can cure using the Antidote item. Using this item removes any corrosion on your character, increasing its Acid Resistance. If you’re taking any Corrosion effects, your armor will go down, making it easier to do heavier damage against you.

How to Cure Overloaded in Remnant 2

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When you’re taking the Overloaded damage from enemies in Remnant 2, make sure to apply the Ethereal Orb, and you’ll take care of it. When you’re hit by Overloaded damage, expect a massive amount of damage to explode around you and significantly harm you. This increases your Shock Resistance by

How to Cure Root Rot in Remnant 2

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Root Rot is a painful effect that you can get in Remnant 2. You’ll want to use the Oiloskin Balm when you’re hit by it or before you get it. If you take Oilskin Balm before you take any of the lasting effects, you’ll receive 25 Root Rot resistance for 10 minutes.

How to Cure Suppression in Remnant 2

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The final status effect you need to watch out for is Suppression. In Remnant 2, this will affect your perks and skills in combat, which you may want to use relatively often against enemies. You can use Timeworn Unguent to cure the Suppression status effect, and it increases your Suppression resistance by 25 for 10 minutes.