Remnant 2: All Tomes of Knowledge Locations

Tomes of Knowledge are essential to improving your character in Remnant 2. This guide will detail all the locations of these helpful items.

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There are a ton of different ways to improve your character and build in Remnant 2, with one of the most useful being the Tomes of Knowledge. These collectibles can be found all over the realms you explore in Remnant 2, each giving you a Trait point to upgrade your character’s stats and attributes.

There is at least one in every area you explore, and there are a lot of areas in each realm, so collecting these can be extremely helpful for making your character more powerful and finely tuned to your play style.

In this guide, we will list the location of every Tome of Knowledge in Remnant 2, provide details on Trait cards and points, and where to find these tomes in each realm so you can get powered up and ready to battle.

** Given the random nature of Remnant 2, locations and items may not be in the same areas we have listed, and as such may require you to explore the world further. We will continue to update this guide as new info becomes available**

What are Tomes of Knowledge in Remnant 2?

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Tomes of Knowledge are special items players can find while they explore the realms of Remnant 2. These items will provide players with a Trait point, which they can use to upgrade their Trait cards. Trait cards are a form of progression in Remnant 2, which provide buffs to specific attributes like Health, Stamina, Mod Generation, Resistances, and more. Players will earn some Trait points while leveling, but most of them will come from finding these Tomes of Knowledge.

There seems to be one Tome of Knowledge in each area you explore, regardless of your world setup.

All Tomes of Knowledge Locations in Remnant 2

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Below you will find all the locations for the Tomes of Knowledge in Remnant 2, which we have split into each realm to make finding specific ones easier depending on your story path. As stated, Remnant 2 is big on randomization, so this location may not be the same as your playthrough, but we how these will give you an idea of where they could be and where to look.

Losomn Tomes of Knowledge in Remnant 2

Losomn is the result of two realms merging into one and causing confusion and chaos in the process. Here you will find an Imposter King whose thirst for power caused the fusing of the realms, the hive-mind like Dran who are driven to frenzies, and the Fae who now thirst for the life of the Dran. The realms is a dystopian mess, and the worlds will be forever changed.

Tome of Knowledge LocationAreaDescription
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_ButcherButcher’s QuarterLocated by following the main path through the Butcher’s Quarter.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_Brocwithe _QuarterBrocwithe QuarterLocated north of the Orcales Refuge World Stone.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_Council_ChamberCouncil ChamberLocated southeast of the Council Chamber World Stone and nearby to a shrine.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_Glided_Chamber_1Glided Chambers 1Located in the area above the Glided Chamber World Stone. Take the elevator to the west of the stone to the next level, then follow the path through.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_Glided_Chamber_2Glided Chambers 2Given to the player after meeting the Crimson King in the Glided Chamber throne room at the end of the Glided Chamber area. Giving him a Crimson King Coin found from defeating powerful enemies will award you the Trait Point.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_Harvesters_ReachHarvester’s ReachLocated east of the Harvester’s Reach World Stone.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_IronboroughIronboroughLocated north of the Hewdas Clock World Stone.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_Lemark_DistrictLemark DistrictLocated by following the main path through Lemark District, and is found after following an underground staircase.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_The_Great_SewerThe Great SewerLocated by following the main path in The Great Sewer, and exploring the lower area of the third wooden structure in the sewer.

Yaesha Tomes of Knowledge in Remnant 2

Yaesha is a returning world from Remnant: From the Ashes, only this time, the world is far different than players will remember. The Root has come to Yaesha, and its lush forests and wildlife are now corrupted and eaten away. Here, players can meet the Eternal Empress, looking to the player for help, as well as the Ravager and Doe, who are locked in a conflict and causing chaos to the realm.

Tome of Knowledge LocationAreaDescription
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_Expanding_GladeThe Expanding GladeLocated to the northeast of The Expanding Glade World Stone, near the wooden treehouse-like structures.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_Forgotten_FieldForgotten FieldLocated northeast of the Forgotten Field World Stone.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_The_LamentThe LamentLocated northeast of The Lament World Stone, in a small cave area filled with Root enemies and platforming area.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_The_Nameless_NestThe Nameless NestLocated east of The Nameless Nest World Stone, nearby to ruins.
Remnant_2_Tome_Knowledge_The_Withering WealdThe Withering WealdLocated southeast of The Withering Weald World Stone, in an assortment of Root and trees.