Remnant 2: How to Find the Guilty Council Member in Losomn

Remnant 2 players must dive deep into quests while exploring the worlds. Here is how to find the Guilty Council Member.


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Remnant 2 has plenty of secret quests and tasks for players to complete during their playthrough, one of which involves aiding a council of Fae elders as they try to uncover a traitor in their ranks. The quest involves a few steps, and the game doesn’t do much in the way of explaining or helping, so it can be very confusing to figure out what to do or how to get started.

To help you get on track, we’ve put together this guide to walk you through how to complete this quest and help you find the guilty council member in Losomn.

Where to Find the One True King’s Council Remnant 2

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To begin this quest, you’ll need to find the Council of the One True King. They are located in the Council Chamber area of Losomn.

To get to them, you’ll need to have found the Magic Quill that allows you to draw portals on the stone walls in the Losomn palace. You can find this item by locating the Jester on the lower floors of the Beatific Palace, in a small room filled with bones. The image below shows you the exact location.

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Once you have the Quill, exit the Jester’s room and turn to the left, and you will see one of the worn chalk door patterns on the wall. Approach it, use the Magic Quill, and the doorway will activate. Head through the portal, and you will appear in the Council Chamber. From here, head up the small stairs in front of you, and you will see the council.

How to Find the Traitor to The One True King’s Remnant 2

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After talking with the council, which consists of Savan on the left, Oniril in the middle, and Nyele on the right, you will learn that one of the members of the council is a traitor and has caused the One True King to fall into a deep unending sleep, essentially killing them. As you talk with the council they will task you with finding the traitor, as they must remain impartial to the process.

From here, you’ll need to do quite a few steps to finish the quest, and the game doesn’t do anything to help you find the answer other than provide some slight hints during your talk with the council. It took me quite a while to realize this, and I eventually left the quest and returned later with fresh eyes and managed to finish it. Since it can be confusing, we’ve laid out the solution step by step for you here.

Getting to the Council Tribunal

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To find the traitor, you need to get into the Council Tribunal. To do this, you’ll need to hop into the dark version of the Fae palace and get access to it that way. Head out of the council chamber and go to your left, where you will find several stairways. Follow these stairways, and you will come to a room with a shimmering mirror inside. Interact with this mirror, which will teleport you to the Council Tribunal area. This will be the same layout as the Council Chamber.

From here, make your way back to where the council was, defeating any enemies along the way and clearing the room of enemies. Once that’s done, you will notice that the council is not there, but their seats are, and if you look closely at the water-like surface around them, you will see that the reflection in the water is actually the light realm, with the council sitting on their chairs.

Solve the Puzzle, Open the Throne Room

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Once you are in the Council Tribunal, head around to the base of the council seats, and you will see that each one has a colored object with different symbols on them. Looking at the reflection, you will see the same thing but in different positions.

You will need to pick up the Sigil Keys from the council chairs and place them in the correct locations that mirror the light realm: the blue diamond-like object on the left, the pinkish eye-like object in the middle, and the purple mirrored objects on the right. Once you have done this, the great door behind the council chairs will open to the throne room, where you can enter inside and begin looking for your evidence.

Finding the Evidence

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When you enter the throne room, you will see the One True King upon his throne, looking a little worse for wear. You’ll want to head towards his throne, walk around the side to the stone steps, and climb up as high as you can. From here, you can jump across to the ledge in front of you, which will also have the Assassin’s Seal for you to loot. This provides you with a 25% reduction on enemy awareness, and increases damage to enemies not targeting the wearer by 1%.

Move along until you are behind the throne. Jump again, and you will be directly behind the king’s head. Here, you will see an object in his neck, which turns out to be an assassin’s dagger. Interact with it to add it to your inventory, and then make your way out of the throne room. Several enemies will attack you at this point, so be prepared to fight your way out.

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Once you have a moment of peace, open your inventory and go to your quest items, and investigate the dagger. From here, rotate the dagger until you are looking at the bottom of the hilt, and you will notice a familiar symbol.

The bottom of the hilt will have one of the colored sigils on it, revealing who the guilty council member is. In my playthrough, it was the same blue diamond-like symbol found on the left council member’s chair, Savan, revealing they are the traitor, but this can be different on your playthrough.

Once you have discovered this, head back to the light realm via the same mirror you used before and head into the throne room.

Accuse the Traitor, or Throw out Accusations.

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Once you have made it back to the light realm and into the Council Chamber, talk with the council and tell them you have evidence of who committed the act, making sure to select the option that makes mention of showing them the dagger. Make sure by this point you have inspected the dagger to have evidence of the symbol on the dagger hilt.

From here, show the dagger and accuse Savan, who will admit their crimes and then be executed on the spot. After this is done, the others will thank you for your assistance, and you will have completed the quest, earning the Ornate Sword as a reward.

However, given Remnant 2 is all about different paths and choices, you can decide to go about it in a different way and throw out a baseless accusation. If you choose to, you’ll get into a fight with the council, with all three coming at you at once. If you survive and take them all out, you’ll instead earn the Fae Protector Signet, which is a ring that provides a maximum health and stamina increase of 10 and reduces your encumbrance by 5.

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