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Remnant 2: How to Get the Labyrinth Staff

Are you looking for the Labyrinth Staff in Remnant 2? Find out where it is and what's guarding it in this guide.

The Labyrinth Staff is one of the more interesting melee weapons in Remnant 2, focusing on generating Mod Power, solid damage but relatively slow attack speed and range. Melee builds also need some additional love in the game, but one of the main reasons for seeking out the Staff is to complete one of the thirteen requirements for the Archon subclass secret quest. In this guide, we’ll show you precisely what to do to get the Labyrinth Staff in Remnant 2 and what you need to overcome.

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Where to Find the Labyrinth Staff in Remnant 2

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The Labyrinth Staff is, true to its name, in the Labyrinth, which you’ll reach after clearing your first world during a campaign run. When you arrive at the Fractured Ingress checkpoint, there will be a path to your left on the lower platform with a pair of small enemies inside.

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Exit out the right of this lower chamber and go straight past the changing portal. A large enemy and two smaller ones will appear, and you can either clear them or run past them. You’re looking for a dropdown onto what appears to be a large, floating, and broken bridge below you.

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There’s a small ledge you can drop down to; then, you can jump onto the broken-looking bridge further below. The bridge will reform as you reach its surface, allowing you to continue forward. Travel along it until you reach an impassable gap. If there isn’t already a platform there, you can wait for one to appear. I didn’t realize at first that this platform was on the other side of the shifting portal, but if you try to take said portal, you’ll be on the wrong side of a barrier.

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To get to the Labyrinth Staff’s location, you have to take the path from the initial checkpoint. You can jump across the platform that appears but do so quickly, as it disappears after about ten seconds, and it’s about 90 seconds before it appears again. Continuing down the path with lead to another drop, and it’s here where the real fun starts.

You’ll see the Labyrinth arena sitting at the back of this new area, which happens to also be a boss arena. Approaching the Staff will cause the Bastion boss to appear, a boss-level version of the chonky stone golem elite enemies you see elsewhere in the level.

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The catch to this boss is, if you ever get too far away from the boss, it will teleport you right next to it, then stomp on you almost immediately after — you’ll want to roll away as soon as the teleport happens or risk getting squished.

Attacks-wise, Bastion is no different than the wide golems elsewhere in the Labyrinth. Its most dangerous attack is the sequence of slams with a ranged shockwave attached to each. If you dodge to the right to avoid the first one, you can strafe in the same direction to avoid the rest. Watch out for its single-attack slams and the shockwave after it dies.

While you don’t need to defeat Bastion to claim the Labyrinth Staff, doing so does make grabbing the weapon easier. Once you’ve got the Labyrinth Staff in hand, you’re one step closer to opening the red door leading to the Backrooms and the Strange Cube — and ultimately, the Archon class.

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