Remnant 2: How to Unlock The Archon Archetype

We now know how to unlock the Archon Archetype in Remannt 2, and this guide shows you everything you need to know about how to get it.

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Remnant 2 is a game full of secrets and mysteries for you to unlock, all locked behind story progression, clever thinking, and taking your time with the puzzles. One of the more difficult things to uncover are the various Archetypes, and the Archon Archetype is what every Remnant 2 player is hungry about.

The real question surrounding this Archetype is how to unlock it, and there are few theories about how players do it. Dataminers are hungrily digging away at the game’s code to figure this out, and it all came down to figuring out how to get the “Corrupted” status. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2

All Archon Archetype Requirements in Remnant 2

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There are several requirements you’ll need to meet to unlock this class. First, first you to find and equip multiple items found throughout Remnant 2. Each weapon and ring you wear are extremely specific. You need to wear all of the Realmwalker armor set. Then, you need to wield Ford’s Scattergun as your longgun, the Labyrinth Staff as your melee weapon, and then the Cube Gun as your handgun. You also need to have the Void Heart in the Relic slot, which you can get by not giving the Custodian the Shard.

Once you have all those items, the next step will be to focus on your rings. You’ll need to find Zania’s Malice, Anastasija’s Inspiration, Black Cat Band, and Amber Moonstone. For the Amulet slot, make sure to wear Leto’s Amulet. Like the other weapons, you’ll need to scour through Remnant 2 to find them all.

Finally, your Archetypes need to be specific. You need to reach level 10 with the Explorer Archetype, which unlocks after defeating the final boss, and the Invader Archetype. You can unlock the Invader Archetype by finding the Dreamcatcher in Losomn, and using the item on Root Earth. You will need the Worm Hole Archetype from the Invader Archetype and then the level 10 Explorer skill, Fortune Hunter.

After you have all of these requirements, it’s time to find the hidden room in the Labyrinth Biome. This unlocks the Corrupted Status Effect on your character.

Where to Find The Labyrinth Door to Unlock Arcon Archetype in Remnant 2

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You will need to make your way over to the rotating portal door in the Labyrinth. The one that is consistently shifting to different locations throughout this area. Wait for it to be facing an open space is shifting to the right. Wait three seconds, then jump through, and you’ll land on a walkway that appears as your character falls to the ground. Proceed forward, and you’ll find the Corrupted door.

With the Corrupted status effect, you now have access to the Back Rooms location of Remnant 2. Inside this location will be an item called the Strange Box, and you can take it back to Wallace to unlock the Archon Archetype for your character.

If you cannot find the item in this room as you only have a short time to locate it, don’t worry. You can return to this location in Remnant 2 to gather everything you need and obtain your prize.