Remnant 2: How to Unlock Labyrinth Red Door to the Backrooms

The Labyrinth’s Red Door has been unlocked in Remnant 2, and you can now enter the Backroosm. This guide shows you how to do it.

Remnant 2 is full of mysteries, and it’s come out that one of the biggest secret has been revealed at long last: the Archon Archetype. The discovery of the final archetype is a sought-after accomplishment, and it all leads back to the foreshadowed pictures of the Backrooms, initially highlighted in Ford’s room at the start of the game.

The Backrooms were talked about by Remnant 2 players when the game launched, with players noticing an easter egg hidden on Ford’s wall. Using the picture, players confirmed the location was canon, and now we can show you get there yourself. It’s hidden behind the Labyrinth Red Door. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the Labyrinth Red Door and get into the Backrooms in Remnant 2.

All Labyrinth Red Door Unlock Requirements in Remnant 2

Before you worry about trying to find the Labyrinth Red Door and enter the Backrooms, you need to create a specific build. It all comes down to unlocking the “Corrupted” status effect in Remnant 2. There are multiple requirements for it. This means a particular outfit, weapons, rings, amulet, and Archetype abilities. For your outfit, make sure to equip the Realmwalker outfit, which you get by starting your character as an Explorer, or purchasing from Whispers after unlocking it and beating the game.

For your weapons, you’ll need Ford’s Scattergun as a long gun. You can find this if your character starts as the Explorer Archetype or by exploring the Red Throne with the Seal of the Empress. For your Staff, you’ll need the Labyrinth Staff, which you can find inside the Labyrinth. Finally, you need the Cubegun you receive after defeating the Labyrinth Guardian. You also need a specific relic called Void Heart. You can get it by not giving the Custodian the Shard at the end of the N’Erud quest in Remnant 2.

Now, let’s move on to rings. You’ll need to find one for all four slots. You need Zania’s Malice, Anastasija’s Inspiration, Black Cat Band, and the Amber Moonstone. You can find Zania’s Malice on Root Earth in the Ashen Wasteland. Anastasija’s Inspiration also appears on Root Earth, or you can buy it from Whispers. For the Black Cat Band, speak with Reggie and purchase it from him. Finally, the Amber Moonstone has the chance to appear on Yaesha. The last thing you need for this part in Remnant is Leto’s Amulet, which appears on Reggie’s vendor if you flop 100 times with heavy armor.

The last thing you need to do is unlock the Explorer and Invader Archetypes. You’ll receive the Explorer Archetype by completing the campaign with a character. The Invader Archetype is a bit more difficult and requires you to visit Losomn, unlock the Dreamcatcher, and then use it on Root Earth close to the end of the game. After you have them both, equip the Explorer’s level 10 ability, Fortune Hunter, and the Invader’s level five ability, Worm Hole. You’ll now get the Corrupted status effect while in the Labyrinth, and you can make your way to the red door in Remnant 2.

How To Get To the Backrooms in Remnant 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you have all that equipped, go to the Labyrinth in Remnant 2 and visit the portal door to the left of the central area. You’ll see it rotating between multiple locations. You want to wait until it shows a place where you’d fall to your death, and it’s turning to the right. Wait three seconds, and then jump through it. After jumping through it, a walkway will appear, and you can walk into this hidden area.

Shortly after you arrive, there are two elite enemies you need to fight against. After removing them, proceed to the back area, and take a right. You’ll see the Labyrinth’s Red Door in Remnant 2, and if you have everything we talked about equipped to your character, it should open up, and you can now enter The Backrooms.

You can now explore this area briefly and grab any of the handful of items you can find. There should be three items. One is the Strange Box, which unlocks Remnant 2’s final class, the Archon, and the other are rings. If you’re struggling to find them, use Explorer’s Fortune Hunter ability to track them down easier.