Remnant 2: How to Open the Safe in the Great Sewers

The hidden safe in Great Sewer holds a helpful ring. This guide will detail how to find and crack open this secret safe in Losomn.


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Remnant 2 has plenty of secrets for players to find during their adventure across the realms, including secret areas and puzzles that can provide more material and new items and gear. The Great Sewer in the Losomn realm has one such area, with a secret room and a locked safe for players to find and open, providing they can figure out the code and solve the puzzle.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to find and open the safe in The Great Sewer, including its locations, each step of the puzzle, and what reward you can expect upon completion.

Where to Find the Safe in the Great Sewers in Remnant 2

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The safe is located in a hidden area in The Great Sewers. To find it, you’ll want to follow the main path through the sewer by heading forward then to the right, follow the pathway down, and at the end, you should see a small opening. It may be covered by some breakable debris. If so, a melee attack will remove the debris, and you should be able to crawl under the opening. Once you have done that, you’ll see the safe in front of you in a small room.

How to Unlock the Safe in the Great Sewer in Remnant 2

Once you enter this area, you will be in a small room with numbers written all over the walls and will see the safe right in front of you which you can interact with. You won’t be able to open it, as this safe requires a number sequence. There are multiple possible combinations for this safe that will generate. We’ve come across two of them during our playthrough.

To the right of the safe, you will see a stone slab with four numbers on it and a lamp lighting the dark room. If you pay attention to the numbers on the slab, you’ll notice that the number in the third position, in this case, “1” or “3,” will have a glowing golden-yellow color thanks to the lamp light. After a few moments of confusion while exploring the room, it clicked for me, and I figured out what to do. The number and its position on the slab were part of the code to open the safe, and the numbers across the walls were hiding the rest of the numbers I needed.

To find the rest of the numbers, you’ll need to check around the room for other numbers that emit the same glow when struck by light. In this instance, you’ll want to use your flashlight on your armor, which you can turn on by pressing L on your keyboard.

Number Locations and Positions

With the first piece of the puzzle provided for you on the stone slab, you’ll need to do a little exploring to find the other numbers and their positions to open the safe. You can find the remaining numbers in these locations.

First Number

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Head up the stairs on the far side of the room and follow them around to the top area. Head towards the wall at the other side, and smash the debris in the way. You should see the number “5” or glowing in the first position of a number sequence.

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Alternatively, the first number could also be along the wall behind some pots on a bench, smash these to reveal the number “8” glowing in the first position.

Second Number

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On your way up the stairs, turn to your left and smash the debris all up the side of the wall, and amongst the wooden beams, you should see the number “8” in the second position of a number sequence.

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For the alternative spawn for the second number, look above the entrance of the small opening you crawled through to get into this area. You should see a glowing “5″ in the second position.

Fourth Number

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When facing the safe, turn around 180 degrees, and you will see a metal grate across the wall. On the left-hand side, you should see the number “3” in the fourth position in a number sequence.

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The alternative place where the fourth number can be located is up the stairs and towards the back wall. Smash the pots along this wall to reveal the number “1” in the final position of the safe code.

Safe Code in the Great Sewers Remnant 2

With all the numbers found, enter the code 5813 or 8531 on the safe. We’ve also seen players report that they have had the code 3581 show up in their game. One of these codes should open the safe, giving you the Rusted Heirloom Ring, which provides players with two stacks of Bulwark when their health is below 50%.