Remnant 2: How to find Nimue in Losomn

Nimue is one of the many exciting NPCs players will meet in Remnant 2, and may even have a quest for you too.


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Remnant 2 is filled with places and characters for players to meet, each with a different task or use for the player. Some are a bit more outlandish than others, including the Fae known as Nimue. Like many other aspects of the game, this NPC can be tricky to find if you don’t know where to look, meaning you could miss out on meeting a great character and potentially taking on a quest that will reap great rewards.

In this guide, we’ll give you the details on where you can find Nimue in the Losomn realm and what players can expect when they meet this Fae Goddess.

Who is Nimue in Remnant 2

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Nimue is a Fae Goddess found in the Losomn realm, and one of the more unique NPCs players will meet in Remnant 2. This large blue-skinned-looking Fae is described as the “seer and shaper of the Fae” and desires to fix the realm. This involves the imposter king, and she wants to recruit the player to slay them and receive some power she claims will help her restore the world.

Additionally, she can craft special items for players, and has a secret item players can find that they can use to create the Crescent Moon Bow, a unique and powerful weapon.

Where to Find Nimue in Losomn Beatific Palace

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Nimue is located in Beatific Palace and requires you to find a hidden path to reach her. In this area, there are several lifts that will transport you to different floors of the palace. The lift you want will take you down to the lower floor, which includes the Jester who gifts you a Magic Quill and the entrance to the Council Chamber. This lift can be found entering the Beatific Palace and heading to the right-hand side once you enter the main hall.

The trick here is that the lift doesn’t take you to the correct area and skips past it on its way up and down. For players to get on this floor, they will need to jump off the lift as it’s moving and land on the floor. Here, you will also find a hole that will drop you down to the lower floor and a chalk door portal you can activate with the Magic Quill.

From here, follow the path down, and you will come to the Nimue’s Retreat World Stone to get back to this location more quickly. Once activated, continue down the path, and you will eventually come to a glittery, star-filled area that is unlike any others in the realm, and before you will emerge Nimue in all her glory.

Where to Find Nimue in Losomn Morrow Sanatorium

losomn sanatorium nimue retreat

However, if you’ve rolled the world where Losomn’s Morrow Sanatorium replaces Losomn Palace, then you won’t find Nimue in her same Beatific Palace Location. Nimue is located behind a secret door on the third floor of the Morrow Parish Sanatorium.

The door requires the Magic Quill to open, which you can receive from the Jester. Just make your way up to the incomplete chalk drawing in the Sanatorium, fill it in with the quill, and walk through into Nimue’s Retreat.