Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Beat Canker

Remnant: From the Ashes throws bosses at you that are a mixture of complicated, and disgusting. Sometimes the disgusting is how much the boss can hit you for, and sometimes it’s their appearance. For Canker, it boils down to appearance. This yellow, boil-infested creature rises from the murky waters to greet you, and you’re going to have to take it down. Here are the patterns and weapons to use to take down this formidable creature.

How to Beat Canker in Remnant: From the Ashes


Canker is a straightforward boss. It has a pair of attacks you’re going to need to watch out for with one being long-range, and the other is a rushing attack. The long-range one is when Canker unleashes a wave of energy, sending out a disgusting blast that radiates outward from it in a forward cone. It’s a massive wave, going through anything in its path. When this happens, you want to try and get to land, being on the other side of the room from him or hide behind one of the massive pillars in the arena. While the wave has a large radius, it doesn’t go out forward. You can remain a reasonable distance from Canker and safely dodge this attack.

The other attack is when Canker rushes forward, lashing out with its arms in a whirling motion while small orbs pop out the back of its body. These sluggish orbs stay on the ground, waiting for you to get close to them. If you do, they burst open and splash you with corrosive damage. Your best option is to remain away from Canker, shooting it from a distance. When it does start lashing out like this, you want to focus your fire on it and try to hit its gaping mouth as often as possible.

While this is happening, don’t be surprised when a crystalized minion comes up from the ground. There usually are two, and they’ll typically show up following one of Canker’s attacks. Expect them during the rush attack. They’re melee-based, so you can choose to avoid them for a bit and take them out further away, or make short work of them both with your weapon of choice.

There’s a third minion who Canker spawns itself. It’s usually at the end of his rushing attack, a dog-like creature pops out from Canker and rushes after you. This minion is significantly faster than the other two, so when you see it spawn, you’ll want to take it out quickly before it closes the range between it and you. You might lose track of the small orbs. Canker spawns when you see this thing flying at you. Make sure not to dodge an attack into one of them, or you’re going to be in a world of hurt.

Canker does not have too many other attacks or patterns. Once you see its first two attacks, it’s mostly keeping your distance and making sure it doesn’t get close. When you defeat it, you’re going to receive scrap, lumenite crystals, and then a Slime Vessel. You can use the Slime Vessel to craft Corrosive Aura, which is a weapon mod you can attach to a weapon.