Restricted and Banned Cards in the Digmon Trading Card Game

The following cards are either restricted or banned in official tournament play.

Image via Bandai.

In building your very own personalized Digmon Trading Card Game deck, you may include up to four copies of a card with identical card numbers in preparation for playing the game as intended. In official tournaments, though, some cards may potentially be restricted or banned. This is due to the current competitive landscape of the game, subject to change at any time. This guide will cover the current banned and restricted cards, and explain why. Restricted cards can only include one copy of the card within a deck, while banned cards are forbidden within the deck altogether.

Restricted Cards

The following restricted cards will officially become restricted beginning April 1 2021.


Image via World Digmon Card

Hidden Potential Discovered

Image via World Digmon Card

Agromon and Hidden Potential Discovered allows Green Decks to reduce Digivolution costs to zero much easier and faster than intended. Therefore, resulting in play patterns that tend to spoil the game’s tempo. To mitigate this, Argomon and Hidden Potential Discovered are restricted to a single copy per deck.

Banned Cards

There are currently no banned cards at this time.