Riders Republic landing mode options explained

All the differences between landing modes in Riders Republic.

Image via Ubisoft

A big focus of Riders Republic is customization. There are dozens of clothing items, full-body costumes, and different types of sports equipment to collect. But customization doesn’t just extend to appearance or gear. In a time where more and more developers are trying to include expansive accessibility options to help everyone enjoy games, it’s more important than ever that players can tweak their gameplay experience to them. One of the ways Riders Republic offers this is through its landing modes.

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Landing modes in Riders Republic determine how you’ll land after jumping in any sport you’re currently playing. You can find landing modes in the gameplay section of the game’s option menu. The first mode is Auto. In Auto mode, the game will automatically land you after your jumps and tricks. There’s no direct penalty for selecting this option, though it doesn’t allow you to collect bonus points for landing.

The second mode, Manual, will be what a majority of sports games fans are familiar with. You’ll retain complete rotation of your character in the air, meaning you have to pay attention to land well, or else you’ll wipe out and have to rewind while the clock continues to tick. The payoff for selecting Manual is that you’re awarded bonus points based on the quality of your landings, and you can gain an even bigger bonus by chaining together perfect landings.

Steep mode is the final landing mode option. This is perfect for returning players of Steep, Riders Republic’s spiritual predecessor, or for anyone who wants to find a middle ground between Auto and Manual. Steep mode will assist your landing, but only after you release tricks; otherwise, the landing is up to you. While you can’t chain perfect landings like Manual mode, Steep mode offers an assisted landing points bonus.