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Roblox – Blox Fruits: How To Get Spring

Get a spring in your step.

Roblox games are spread all across fandoms, whether they be anime or otherwise. Blox Fruits is a game inspired by One Piece, one that’s packed full of references and perfect sandbox scenarios for those who love the anime. One of the references tucked away in the project is the Blox Fruit Spring. If you’re looking for Spring in Blox Fruits, we have a guide on how you can find it.

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What’s the Spring in Blox Fruits and Why Is It Important?

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Spring is a fruit used by the Jeremy Boss NPC. It has five distinct abilities that you can control once you get your hands on a piece. Spring comes with the following abilities, which can boost your combat in the game by a considerable amount via a skill tree:

  • Knock: Requires 1 Mastery. Using the Z key, you can use your arm like a spring to launch a deadly, long reaching punch in front of you.
  • Spring Snipe: Requires 20 Mastery. With the X Button, you can jump forward according to your cursor’s direction. If you hit an enemy, you deal damage.
  • Spring Cannon: Requires 50 Mastery. Using the C key, you can jump really high. This move is quite hard to dodge, even with Instinct activated.
  • Spring Emperor: Requires 125 Mastery. With the V key, you can bounce on your enemies to take them out.
  • Spring Leap: For 75 Mastery, you can jump on walls and move at significantly higher speeds.

Where to Find Spring in Blox Fruits

Unfortunately, the most reliable way to get Spring in Blox Fruits isn’t just from drops. Spring is a natural blox fruit that you have to pay up for. To get it, you’ll need either $60,000 in in-game money or 180 Robux. If you have the funds, you can buy Spring at the Blox Fruits Dealer. Or, if you’re feeling fortunate, you can try to go for the Blox Fruit Gatcha.

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While the Gatcha is a chance for Spring for a low price, and just buying it ensures that you get all the benefits, you can find it as a random drop. The only issue with that is that the drop rate for the fruit is only 14%. While that isn’t abysmal, it certainly isn’t convenient.

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