Roblox Clicking Legends codes (April 2021)

All codes for Clicking Legends in Roblox.

Want to be a real legend? Clicking Legends puts you in an open-world environment surrounded by others as you gain as many clicks as possible. Below you can find different codes that will reward you with boosts and bonuses to give you an advantage. Code rewards include enhanced egg hatching speed, boosts to your clicks, and a little extra luck.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Clicking Legends

To redeem any of the below codes, click the menu button on the left side of the screen. When it opens up, click on the Twitter icon and copy and paste any of the below codes (case sensitive) to instantly receive a bonus.

All active Roblox Clicking Legends codes

  • SnugDoesntHaveALife: One hour of double egg speed
  • RussoSometimesTalks: One hour of triple shiny
  • SonsOfNoFun: One hour of double clicks
  • Beckpajama: One hour of double Gems
  • YoPierreYouWannaComeOutHere: Two hours of double Luck
  • MichielLaterDescribedTheSpiderAsBeingTheSizeOfAFullGrownPizza: Three hours of double egg speed
  • 10KLikes: Double egg hatch speed
  • 5MVisits: Six hours of double luck
  • Cringebaby: Double luck
  • Keklord: Double hatch speed
  • Patriotic: Double luck
  • BrahMomentGoopie: Double clicks
  • GoWorkYourCringe9-5IllBeGaming: Double egg hatch speed
  • DoctorPufferfish: Triple shiny
  • Sorry: Six rebirths and double luck
  • Release: 500 clicks

Expired Roblox Clicking Legends codes

  • Cainsley: 2,500 clicks
  • sub2vect: Two rebirths
  • itsRocket_YT: Two rebirths
  • Update2: Two rebirths
  • WESORRY: Five times clicks
  • ToadBoiGaming: ToadBoiGaming pet
  • Tofuu: Tofuu pet
  • RussoTalks: RussoTalks pet
  • Update1: Two rebirths
  • Welcome: One rebirth