Roblox Clicking Legends codes (July 2022)

All codes for Clicking Legends in Roblox.

Image by Inkmash Studios

Want to be a real legend in the clicking arts? Well, the Roblox game Clicking Legends puts you in an open-world environment surrounded by other players, all vying to gain as many clicks as possible. Follow our guide to find all Roblox Clicking Legends codes that will reward you with boosts and bonuses to give you an advantage over others. Code rewards include enhanced egg hatching speeds, boosts to your clicks, and even a little extra luck. Read on to find out how to redeem codes and claim the rewards in Roblox Clicking Legends.

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How to redeem codes

Redeeming your Clicking Legends codes is similar to other Roblox titles. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be ready in no time:

  • Log into the Clicking Legends game.
  • On the left side of your screen, you will find a Menu icon. Click on it.
  • Inside the menu, find the Twitter icon and click on it as well.
  • Copy and paste or type in the codes.
  • Click on the ‘Redeem’ button and any active codes will be automatically added to your account.

All active Roblox Clicking Legends codes

The following are all of the currently active codes for the Clicking Legends:

  • SnugDoesntHaveALife: One hour of double egg speed
  • RussoSometimesTalks: One hour of triple shiny
  • SonsOfNoFun: One hour of double clicks
  • Beckpajama: One hour of double Gems
  • YoPierreYouWannaComeOutHere: Two hours of double Luck
  • MichielLaterDescribedTheSpiderAsBeingTheSizeOfAFullGrownPizza: Three hours of double Egg Speed
  • 10KLikes: Double egg hatch speed
  • 5MVisits: Six hours of double luck
  • Cringebaby: Double luck
  • Keklord: Double hatch speed
  • Patriotic: Double luck
  • BrahMomentGoopie: Double clicks
  • GoWorkYourCringe9-5IllBeGaming: Double egg hatch speed
  • DoctorPufferfish: Triple shiny
  • Sorry: Six rebirths and double luck
  • Release: 500 clicks

All expired Roblox Clicking Legends codes

The following codes for Clicking Legends have expired and can no longer be redeemed:

  • Cainsley: 2,500 clicks
  • sub2vect: Two rebirths
  • itsRocket_YT: Two rebirths
  • Update2: Two rebirths
  • WESORRY: Five times clicks
  • ToadBoiGaming: ToadBoiGaming pet
  • Tofuu: Tofuu pet
  • RussoTalks: RussoTalks pet
  • Update1: Two rebirths
  • Welcome: One rebirth