Roblox Mage Tycoon codes (March 2023)

A few codes in Roblox Mege Tycoon can make you a lot of cash and gems; you need to write a few words.

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Roblox Mage Tycoon is a game where players build magical bases, choose one element they will specialize in at the start, and learn new spells from these fortresses to battle the other players.

Since this game is a base-building tycoon, players will need a lot of cash and gems to get powerful and learn amazing spells. So, here are all the codes you can use in Roblox Mage Tycoon that will help you build your base faster.

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All Roblox Mage Tycoon Codes List

Last updated: March 14, 2023

Added new codes!

Roblox Mage Tycoon Codes (Working)

  • sorryfordelay — Reward: 5 hours of 2x XP Boost (New)
  • 25klikes — Reward: 10 hours of 2x XP Boost (New)
  • 5milvisits — Reward: 100 Gems and 1 hour of 2x XP
  • 10klikes — Reward: 50 Gems
  • 3klikes — Reward: 50 Gems
  • 500kvisits — Reward: 50 Gems
  • EpicRelease — Reward: $1k

Roblox Mage Tycoon Codes (Expired)

There are no expired codes for Roblox Mage Tycoon as of now.

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How to redeem codes in Roblox Mage Tycoon

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Follow the step below to redeem Roblox Mage Tycoon codes:

  1. Launch Roblox Mage Tycoon on your device.
  2. Press the books button on the left side of the screen, which says “Menu” if you hover over it.
  3. Select the “Settings” option that appears once you click on the menu, shown in the image above with an arrow.
  4. Press on the space where “Enter Code Here” is written.
  5. Paste one of the working codes from above.
  6. Press the “Redeem” button.

How can you get more Roblox Mage Tycoon codes?

You can do a few things to get more Roblox Mage Tycoon codes. You can follow the game on Twitter, where the developers post images with codes all the time and check there. Or, you can also just come back here from time to time since we will keep this list updated.

Why are my Roblox Mage Tycoon codes not working?

There are two main reasons Roblox Mage Tycoon codes are not working for you. The main reason is that you might be making a typo when entering the codes. When copying the codes from our page, make sure that you don’t leave a blank space after the code has been pasted in Roblox. Also, make sure to check if the code you are entering hasn’t expired.

How to get more Cash and Gems in Roblox Mage Tycoon

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The most important resources in Roblox Mage Tycoon are cash and gems. Your best bet when it comes to making cash in Mage Tycoon would be just focusing on building the dropper area and the cash machines.

Gems will also come naturally when you focus on these, and you can also get extra gems from achievements. You can access those from the menu. You can also get free rewards by just playing the game for an hour.

What is Roblox Mage Tycoon?

Roblox Mage Tycoon is a magical tycoon game where you build a base, make you money, and learn magic spells. Once you learn how to do a few battle spells, you can fight the other players on the map. Since there are many elements the base can have, players can destroy their base and choose another element from zero.