Roblox Ramen Simulator codes (January 2022)

Become the ramen ruler with these codes for Roblox Ramen Simulator.

As you can tell, ramen is the name of the game in Roblox Ramen Simulator. You eat ramen and sell it for coins, which you then use to buy new kinds of ramen. Along the way, you can earn pets and other goodies as well.

You can also use these codes here to help give yourself a little boost on your journey.

How to enter codes in Ramen Simulator

Click on the Twitter icon on the left side of your screen. This will bring up a window to enter the codes. Just hit “Redeem” after and you’re done.

Roblox Ramen Simulator codes

  • OX – 500,000 Coins
  • XP – 300,000 Coins
  • 15kWarlordParty – jade
  • IGPARTY – 5 minute Heat and Jade booster
  • 5KLikesParty – 5 minute Heat booster
  • Pets – Free Jade
  • HugeHeat – 5 minute Heat boost
  • Launch – Free jade
  • Release – 100 coins
  • 50Stones – 50 coins
  • 100RockGolems – 100 coins
  • TwitterJade – 10 jade