Roblox Ro-Slayers codes (July 2022)

Power up your character in Ro-Slayer with these codes.

Image via xBEAR Studios

Roblox Ro-Slayers is a game where players are in a constant battle between good and evil. They need to decide if they want to play as a Demon, or a Demon Slayer. This is important because both sides have very different story and gameplay implications. However, they both have the same overarching goal, to kill the other team, so at least you know where you stand on that front. Progression can feel like a slog at times, particularly when you’re beating your head against a boss, which is why we’ve put together this list of Roblox Ro-Slayer codes, giving you access to a tonne of cosmetics and gameplay rewards.

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Working Roblox Ro-Slayers codes

This list contains every code we know to be working in Roblox Ro-Slayers. Read on below to learn how to redeem codes in the game and apply the rewards to your account.

  • 140kLIKES – Get 3 free spins and 120 Yen

Expired Roblox Ro-Slayers codes

This list contains every code we know has expired for Roblox Ro-Slayers. Don’t try to redeem these because the rewards are no longer available.

  • 130kLIKES
  • 120kLIKES
  • 110kLIKES
  • HappyEaster
  • 2xEXPFromPolo
  • 100kLIKES
  • 2xEXP
  • 90kLIKES
  • 80kLIKES
  • 70kLIKES
  • DoubleEXP
  • 60kLIKES
  • MoreUpdatesToCome
  • 50kLIKES
  • 40kLIKES
  • 30kLIKES
  • 20kLIKES
  • 10kLIKES
  • 777

How to get more Roblox Ro-Slayers codes

The best way to get more Roblox Ro-Slayers codes is to head to the game’s official Roblox page, then check the description box for any updates from the developer. This is where new codes will be placed as they’re created by the developer. If you can’t see anything new, keep checking back every week until you do.

How to redeem Roblox Ro-Slayers codes

To redeem codes in Roblox Ro-Slayers, launch the game and open the menu. From there, find the settings gear in the new window and click that. This opens a new window with a textbox where you can type or copy and paste the codes in. Do this one at a time to have the rewards automatically applied to your account so you can begin using them.

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