Roblox Shortest Answer Wins codes (November 2022)

Get more money for hints to win the game.

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While most games want you to think of words with the greatest number of letters, Shortest Answer Wins takes this in the reverse direction. You need to think of words matching the question prompts with as few letters as possible. The more letters you answer, the more you are at risk of being knocked off by a slicing fan. If you are the last person standing, you win!

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Shortest Answer Wins can be challenging if you aren’t sure what words have the fewest letters. Thankfully, you can buy hints that help you come up with words, though it costs in-game money. Like most Roblox games, you can enter codes to gain some money or a new block design. If you are strapped for cash or would like an edge, these codes can give you an early advantage.

Roblox Shortest Answer Wins — All working codes

These are the codes that work for Shortest Answer Wins as of November 2022:

  • 5000Likes — Dragon Scale Tiles
  • 2000Likes — Cobblestone Tiles
  • 1000Likes — 1000 bucks
  • 500Likes — Albert Tiles
  • 200Likes — Rainbow Tiles
  • 50Likes — 750 Bucks

Developer NOOBEstudios may release more codes for the game in the future, but these are the codes that can actually be redeemed for in-game benefits. The codes do not have to interfere with your gameplay either; you can use them when you are waiting for a round or after typing an answer.

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How to redeem Shortest Answer Wins codes

Redeeming the codes in Shortest Answer Wins isn’t difficult. You have to follow these steps:

  • Click on the Codes button on the right side of the screen when in-game
  • Type in the code that matches the benefit that you want (money or tile visual changes)
  • Select the Redeem button to get the effects of the code
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If the code doesn’t work, make sure you have typed it in properly. There are no spaces, and capitalized letters are exactly where they should be. You can then reap the benefits of the codes or leave them for later when you are in a pinch.

Roblox Shortest Answer Wins — All expired codes

At the time of this writing, no codes have expired.