The 10 best Roblox survival games

With the best Roblox survival games, survival is definitely not guaranteed.

Image via Roblox Corporation

The term Roblox survival may seem like an odd combination; setting the cartoonish block world of Roblox against the raw effort of survival doesn’t initially seem as though it would work. However, with the staggering number of Roblox experiences available on the platform, creators have made multiple experiences where players strive to survive.

Whether you’re running from zombies, girls, or loud images, being the last one standing is the name of the game in these survival experiences. Round up your friends, make sure your flashlight batteries are charged, and dive into our list of the 10 best Roblox survival games.

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#10 — Natural Disaster Survival

Image via Stickmasterluke on Roblox

Sometimes, the older ones are the best, and this rings true with Natural Disaster Survival. There’s a reason this has been on our top 10 list for years at this point, and it continues to ring true over a decade since it has come out. This title originally released in 2008, and is now visited by players that weren’t even alive when it was started.

The disasters are randomized, but players can use Robux to double the number of disasters active at once. Spawn into the tower lobby, and wait for a little bit until a new round starts where your only objective is to survive the wrath of nature.

#9 — Epic Minigames

Image via TypicalType on Roblox

119 different minigames with the same end-game: survive until you’re the last one standing. Winning a round in Epic Minigames will give players coins which they can then use to purchase pets, cosmetic effects, and gear to better outfit their avatars. With the sheer number of survival minigames, this is one of our favorite picks for Saturday-night gaming with friends.

#8 — Sharkbite

Image via Abracadabra on Roblox

Become the shark — or avoid the nasty predator in a variety of beyond wacky boats with the survival game Roblox survival game Sharkbite. Sometimes the boats are sleds, other times they are absurd toys such as rubber ducks. Whichever you select, the objective remains the same: avoid the shark at all costs. The longer you survive in the round, the more shark teeth you’ll get to purchase fun cosmetics for the next one.

#7 — BedWars

Image via on Roblox

If the name didn’t give it away, BedWars is the same flavor found in Minecraft BedWars, simply on Roblox. Get basic tools with iron ingots, advanced weaponry with emerald, and upgrades with those sweet blue diamonds. Players can choose various BedWar game modes in a lobby, then it’s a brutal fight for survival against other motivated players to be the last one standing.

#6 — Spin the Bottle

Image via Skum Studio on Roblox

This is a different version of Spin the Bottle than we’re used to, primarily because there are firearms involved. The rules are simple: spin the bottle, and whoever the bottle stops at gets a gun to select someone to shoot at the table. The catch?

There is a high chance the gun won’t go off, meaning you’ve just made an enemy.

This Roblox experience is an absolutely hilarious blast to play with friends, and it’s even better when everyone gets into Roblox voice chat for some old-fashioned pleading, alliances, and the inevitable betrayal. This is one of the newer titles on this list, but it’s being constantly updated. Give it a swing and try to be the last one sitting.

#5 — Survive in Area 51

Image via PenguinDoc9999 on Roblox

A few years ago, the internet decided to go try to raid Area 51, and then everything on the planet kind of went sideways. The internet mob really just stood around the entrance, but if they actually forced entry, the Roblox experience Survive in Area 51 explains what would have happened. Run from an assortment of monsters ranging from SCPs to folktales, find weapons to fight back against the horrors, and escape from the legendary military base that, officially, does not exist.

#4 — Survive the Killer

Image via Slyce Entertainment on Roblox

If the Roblox experience Survive the Killer looks like a pseudo-copy of Dead by Daylight, that’s because it is. Far less gruesome and scary, but the concept remains the same: the survivors need to keep each other alive and try to escape, while the player selected to be the killer needs to kill as many as possible. Survive the Killer also has a cosmetic system, where players on both teams can earn coins for completing in-game objectives, allowing all players to unlock fun appearances.

#3 — Nico’s Nextbots

Image by Nico’s Stu on Roblox

Here’s a bizarre flavor of survival that is absolutely taking off with some of the best Roblox YouTubers relevant today. Nico’s Nextbots has large images that chase players around a map. The last one to survive, wins. The computer handles the Nextbots, and large images will chase players around a map that tends to be updated weekly. It’s one of the oddest survival mechanics, but it has taken off in popularity with its meme references. Notably inspired by Garry’s Mod, the strange sandbox success from Valve.

#2 — Michael’s Zombies

Image via Pack-A-Punch on Roblox

In this Roblox survival experience, Michael’s Zombies pits players against endless waves of zombies. Inspired by Call of Duty’s Zombies game mode, killing more zombies gives players points, which can then be used to get more fantastical weaponry. Another relatively new creation, Michael’s Zombies gives players their undead-killing fix while not be overly grotesque. If players can survive long enough, another twist awaits when players find who Michael actually is.

#1 — Evade

Image via Hexagon Development on Roblox

Loud images chase players through multiple maps in Evade, a game that predates Nico’s Nextbots by roughly a month. Players that have been knocked down by images can be revived by other players, so down doesn’t mean out! Inspired by Garry’s Mod, this version of the game allows players to purchase barriers to block the images as well as other pieces of equipment to help hedge the wager of survival.

Evade takes the ‘running from images’ to the next level with multiple stages, and offering players more of an arsenal to survive than Nico’s Nextbots. It does feel weird to have a Peter Griffin image macro chasing you down dimly-lit corridors, however.