Roblox Super Golf codes (March 2024)

Golfing is easier with a stylish hat.

Roblox Super Golf Codes (November 2020)
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Last updated: December 14, 2023

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Roblox offers a wide variety of game options to players, including sports games. One such game is Roblox Super Golf, where you can play the titular game like a pro. It offers different maps and layouts for you to play on and events and challenges to test even the best golfers. You can get ahead by using special codes to redeem for rewards.

By redeeming codes in Super Golf, you can get special cosmetic items to use as your character’s bling, as well as useful Coins for faster progression in the game. That means that using codes will make you both stylish and better at the game at a faster rate.

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All Roblox Super Golf Codes List

Roblox Super Golf codes (Working)

  • BITWISE — Rewards: Walker Hat (New)
  • WINTER2023 — Rewards: Chest Chest
  • RECOLOREFFECTS — Reward: Chest Chest
  • FALL2023 — Reward: Chest Chest
  • SG3YEARS — Reward: Cake Skin
  • SG3YEARS2 — Reward: Year 3 Candle Hat
  • CANNEDYIN — Reward: Chest Chest
  • 2UPDATES1MONTH — Reward: Chest Chest
  • NEWGAMEMODESYAY — Reward: Chest Chest
  • NOUPDATESORRY1 — Reward: Pixel Chest
  • NOUPDATESORRY2 — Reward: Quest Chest
  • NOUPDATESORRY3 — Reward: Emerald Chest
  • TRADING — Reward: Skin Chest
  • NEWCHESTS!!! — Reward: Hat Chest
  • TENPOLE — Reward: Hat Chest
  • RBB3 — Reward: Skin Chest
  • 200k_likes_omg — Reward: Hat Chest
  • SPOOKYTIME — Reward: Skin Chest
  • 2NDBDAYCANDLE — Reward: Candle Hat
  • SUMMER2022 — Reward: Hat Chest
  • DIMENSIONMAP — Reward: Skin Chest
  • THX_FOR_100M — Reward: 100 Million Hat
  • HAPPYEASTER — Reward: Color Chest
  • SPRINGSEASON2022 — Reward: Hat Chest
  • denis — Reward: Sir Meow hat
  • KADEN — Reward: Cat’s Eye skin
  • FLAMINGO — Reward: Cleetus skin

Roblox Super Golf codes (Expired)

These are expired Roblox codes for Super Golf.

  • 2NDBDAYCAKE — Reward: Cake Skin
  • 150k_likes! — Reward: Effect Chest
  • REWRITE — Reward: Skin Chest
  • BIGTHINGSCOMING — Reward: a free hat chest
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS! — Reward: a free random ball
  • FACILITY — Reward: a free hat chest
  • GROVE — Reward: a Ball Chest 
  • UPDATEHYPE — Reward: a color chest 
  • MINESHAFT — Reward: a free Hat Chest
  • BLOXY — Reward: Bloxy Wings
  • HAPPYNEWYEARS2020 — Reward: Coal ball
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS — Reward: Snowflake cheer
  • SURPRISE — Reward: free Coins
  • haunted — Reward: free Gems
  • SPOOKY — Reward: a free reward
  • tonsofcoins — Reward: 250 Coins
  • freeskin — Reward: a Ball Chest
  • FREEGEMS — Reward: 50 Gems
  • RELEASE — Reward: 250 Coins

How to redeem codes in Roblox Super Golf

Screenshot by Gamepur

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Roblox Super Golf.

  1. Open Roblox and launch Super Golf. 
  2. Click on the Ticket icon found at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Make sure you’re following both Super Golf developers on Twitter, because you won’t be able to claim codes otherwise. Their accounts are @NosniyRBLX and @SenseiRBX
  4. Enter your own Twitter handle into the text box and press Enter on your keyboard.
  5. After that, copy/paste or enter the codes from our list and press Enter on your keyboard to redeem for free rewards.

How to get more Roblox Super Golf codes

The best way to get new codes for Super Golf is to check back to this article for updates. Otherwise, you should be following the developers of Super Golf anyway because of the reasons outlined above. There is also the Super Golf Discord server if you want to keep up with the community.

Why are my Roblox Super Golf codes not working?

It can happen that codes for Roblox games unexpectedly don’t work. Most codes are redeemable only once, so you might have already claimed the rewards. The developers can remove some old codes, or replace them with new ones. Typing out the codes the way they’re listed is important too, so pay attention to caps and numbers, and avoid adding extra spaces and characters.

What is Roblox Super Golf?

Super Golf is a Roblox experience in which you can play mini-golf across all sorts of different golf courses. You can challenge your friends or play by yourself to beat your own records while collecting coins that can help you unlock cosmetics such as skins, colors, hats, golf balls, and more.