Roblox Thick Legends codes (January 2023)

The more you eat, the bigger you get.

Roblox Thick Legends Codes (November 2020)

Eat big to get big, as the old saying goes. And in the Roblox game Thick Legends, that’s exactly what you gotta do to get stronger. You start off as a wimpy little dude who has to eat more and more food to attain an impressively overmuscular physique to dominate the opposition. The bigger you get, the stronger you can hit. You can explore the world and jump onto different islands that all have different food types for you to eat.

But to get anywhere in the game, you’ll need to get Coins and food. Luckily, there are free codes that you can redeem to get both, and with that get ahead on your path to become the thickest, biggest, and the most swole guy in the game.

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All Roblox Thick Legends codes list

Roblox Thick Legends codes (Working)

These are all the working Roblox codes for Thick Legends.

  • RazorFishGamingCoins — Reward: 100 Coins
  • RazorFishGamingBurgers — Reward: 50 Burgers

Roblox Thick Legends codes (Expired)

There are currently no expired Roblox codes for Thick Legends.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Thick Legends

Screenshot by Gamepur

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Thick Legends.

  1. Open Roblox and launch Thick Legends. 
  2. Click on the Twitter icon found on the right side of the screen. 
  3. Copy and paste or enter the working code into the Enter Code text box.
  4. Click on the grey Confirm button that’s under the text box to redeem your free code and get the reward.

How to get more Roblox Thick Legends codes

For the best results to get more swole codes for the Roblox game Thick Legends, you should check back to this page for any future code updates. Besides that, you can also follow the developer of Thick Legends on the Blox Universe Roblox group, as well as his Twitter account. There is also a Blox Universe Discord server that you can join to stay in touch with the community and see if any updates or new codes are shared there too.

Why are my Roblox Thick Legends codes not working?

Codes for Thick Legends are typed in all caps, so make sure that you have your Caps Lock key turned on while typing them out. Otherwise, check that there are no unnecessary spaces or characters in the codes that you enter. Besides that, most codes are active for only a limited amount of time, so double-check that they’re not in the Expired category. And lastly, you may have already redeemed a code that you entered, as most codes can only be redeemed for rewards once.

Best ways to progress in Roblox Thick Legends

Roblox players will be familiar with how Pets and Rebirths work in Thick Legends. These are the best way to get to higher levels quickly because they add multipliers that let you garner more Coins and food. Each Pet adds more multipliers, so you should look to get as many with you as you can. Meanwhile, Rebirths will reset your progress, but add multipliers to boost new gains, letting you get much stronger and much faster.

What is Roblox Thick Legends?

Roblox Thick Legends is a unique experience in which you have to eat more to become bigger and stronger, outgrowing your opponents. The bigger you get, the more damage you can do in a fight. You can explore various islands, with each of them offering a different type of food to help you grow. But it’s not all eating and fighting — you can also unlock pets, emotes, and dances, to name a few.