Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train codes (December 2023)

It’s only scary if you don’t like trains.

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Last updated: November 27, 2023

Added a new code.

Get to know the weird side of Roblox with experiences such as Edward the Man-Eating Train. Players ride inside a doomed train while a grotesque train-monster known as Edward comes to attack the players. Riders need to defend the train for a few minutes until it can reach the next stop, firing weapons at Edward the Man-Eating Train while dodging its attacks. It’s wild and frantic fun from stop to stop, but the beginning can be a little slower as players need to earn new weapons beyond the pistol.

Codes can help mitigate that grind, of course. Entering codes for this Roblox experience will give players tickets, the primary currency for the Roblox experience Edward the Man-Eating Train. Tickets can then be used to purchase health powerups, weaponry, new railcars to ride in, and even titles to show off their prowess. These trades happen at any train station along the tracks, where players respawn if Edward the Man-Eating Train ends up killing them.

All Edward the Man-Eating Train Codes List

Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train Codes (Working)

  • ONEYEAR — Reward: 75 Tickets (New)
  • AMTRAKRULES — Reward: 50 Tickets
  • REMEMBERBRISFORD — Reward: 50 Tickets
  • NIGHTMARE — Reward: 75 Tickets
  • TURRETS — Reward: 75 Tickets

Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train Codes (Expired)

These are the expired codes for Edward the Man-Eating Train.

  • JOINTHECOMMUNITY — Reward: 75 Tickets (New)
  • ISTILLREADTHECHANGELOG — Reward: 75 Tickets 
  • THATSALOTOFVISITS — Reward: 75 Tickets
  • IREADTHECHANGELOG — Reward: 75 Tickets
  • LAUNCHWEEK — Reward: 100 Tickets
  • LAUNCHDAY — Reward: 175 Tickets
  • 2MILLIONVISITS — Reward: rewards
  • ROBOTS2021 — Reward: rewards
  • VOLCANO2021 — Reward: rewards
  • FLOOD2021 — Reward: rewards
  • MOBILE2021 — Reward: rewards
  • KraoESP2021 — Reward: rewards

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How to redeem Edward the Man-Eating Train Codes

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Launch the Roblox experience Edward the Man-Eating Train.
  2. Find the Codes option on the right side of the screen, between matches.
  3. Enter the codes found in the (Working) section above.

How to get more Edward the Man-Eating Train codes

If you don’t have enough tickets to get that next piece of gear for battling Eddie, there are a few options to find even more codes for Edward the Man-Eating Train. Bookmark this page to ensure you’re always getting the codes as soon as they release, and you can follow the developer on Twitter @PigFridge and the Pig Fridge Studios YouTube channel.

Why are my Edward the Man-Eating Train codes not working?

There are multiple reasons an entered code isn’t working properly. First, ensure that you’ve entered the code properly — the best way to do this is by copying and pasting the codes directly from the (Working) section above. The codes may have a limited number of uses as well, implemented by the developer to ensure that power creep doesn’t unbalance servers too drastically.

The best weapon in Edward the Man-Eating Train

Image via Keiran Black on YouTube

There are multiple weapons available in Edward the Man-Eating Train, and while players can adopt various playstyles to match whichever purchased weapon, one shines through. The Camshaw Boom is a rare sniper rifle that can engage with massive power from a long distance, keeping players safe. The MA-16 is a helpful assault rifle that offers a fair bit of power, supplemented with a faster fire rate as well.

What is Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train?

The Roblox experience Edward the Man-Eating Train is a cooperative-action casual-horror shooter. Players ride a train through multiple train stations, battling an anthropomorphic train called Edward. The enemy train attacks players on the train, and destroys the train, while players attempt to kill the enemy train. Rounds take roughly five minutes, with either Edward or the players winning, and then the next checkpoint becomes active while players reboard the train. Surviving, netting Edward kills, and finding various crates on the train will reward players with additional loot that can increase their survivability.