Roblox Workout Island promo codes (November 2020)

Nothing like a virtual workout.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

Codes in Roblox are primarily used to make the game a much easier grind, but it is no surprise that players have to play their hardest in Workout Island. Luckily, if you’re trying to make your character nice and swole, there are now a batch of codes that’ll give you coins and many other boosts that help you buy more weights so you can crush all competition. Here are the eight codes that are usable, so far, and the awards that come with them.

  • beta123: use to unlock 500 coins.
  • NotSpookyIsland: coins and gems
  • ThankYou100K: coins and gems
  • russo: 200 coins
  • TRADING: access a +30 strength, 1500 gems, and a 10 minute auto-lift.
  • workoutpro: unlocks 500 coins and a 10 minute auto-lift.
  • gravy: receive a +30 strength and a 10 minute auto-lift.
  • workoutisland: unlock a 15 minute auto-lift.
  • tofuu: receive a chance at an exclusive item.
  • gaming_dan: receive 200 coins.

Aside from these bonuses, to increase your strength, you’ll want to lift weights as much as you can, then sell the collected strength for bigger weights, and continue that cycle again. It is assumed that these codes won’t expire after the month ends, as the island’s beta code (the first listed) is still active.

To use these codes, click on the Twitter icon in the settings menu. From there a new dialogue box will prompt you to type in a code. If you want additional help and entertainment while you play the game, we recommend checking out our favorite streamers in the Roblox community