The 10 best Roblox YouTubers

A list of the best Roblox YouTubers to watch.

Image via Roblox

It’s no surprise that Roblox has turned into one of the greatest experiences for children of all ages in the past few years. With a wealth of experiences, not only will gamers appreciate the wild variety of gameplay available, but the number of players to interact with almost guarantees new friendships will be forged as gamers explore the platform.

Working through all of these experiences by yourself can be difficult however, which is where YouTubers come into play. Roblox YouTubers can not only reveal some of the greatest Roblox games to play on the platform, but also are a fantastic place to watch others making the most of the Roblox platform for inspiration and a few laughs.

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Here’s our list of the ten best Roblox YouTubers in no particular order:

#10 — NicsterV

Image via NicsterV on YouTube

If you want to hear all of the latest news and rumors within the Roblox world, it’s hard to recommend anyone other than NicsterV. Whether he’s debunking some newfangled Roblox myths or just enjoying the community, he’s constantly uploading new videos that reflects the current state of Roblox.

#9 — RadioJH Games

Image via RadioJH Games on YouTube

If you’re in the mood for a few laughs with Roblox, it’s hard to go wrong with RadioJH Games on YouTube. This kid-friendly channel uploads videos consistently of her and friends exploring (and sometimes breaking) Roblox experiences while having unique moments that other channels simply don’t offer. We also like that it normalizes girls in gaming — an idea best introduced early and often.

#8 — Alex Crafted

Image via Alex Crafted on YouTube

YouTuber Alex Crafted has taken the modern YouTube trend of fast-paced, witty commentary and applied it to the best Roblox games with massive success. Always on the look out for new experiences, over the past few months Alex Crafted has slowed down his releases a bit on YouTube in exchange for a focus on quality of editing and gameplay.

#7 — ObliviousHD

Image via ObliviousHD on YouTube

Here’s something a bit different than the rest of the list: ObliviousHD doesn’t focus on gameplay videos where the creator reacts to a game. Instead, this creator creates rousing movies using Roblox as a type of creative medium. Whether it’s an impressive music video or an action flick, load up this channel and appreciate some of the A-grade creativity the Roblox community is known for.

#6 — ZephPlayz

Image via ZephPlayz on YouTube

From running obby’s with ease, to making friends in the community, ZephPlayz does it all and manages to upload the heft of it to his YouTube channel. This kid-friendly channel explores a lot of the available Roblox experiences, so it’s best to load this up if you’re looking to strike somewhere new in the massive platform.

#5 — Poke

Image via Poke on YouTube

This creator has been in the Roblox sphere for years at this point, and with his unique style, Poke has found a comfortable niche for his channel. Poke tends to focus more on bringing up unique gameplay scenarios within Roblox experiences, and has other players roleplay along with him. Sometimes he provides commentary on Roblox, sometimes he’s exploring new Roblox experiences, but it’s always a good time churning through Poke’s videos.

#4 — Flamingo

Image via Flamingo on YouTube

Among the YouTube creators, Flamingo has a knack for two things: finding new experiences to play before they get popular, and constantly publishing high-quality videos. If you’re trying to find the next experience before it blows up, Flamingo is absolutely a creator that should be checked consistently to stay in-the-know of Roblox.

#3 — Sketch

Image via Sketch on YouTube

If you’re looking for a couple of laughs, regardless of your age, it’s hard to do better than Sketch. Regardless of what experience Sketch is diving into with his constant YouTube uploads, no matter how well-versed you are in YouTube, this creator will draw out some laughter after a long day.

Sketch has been a part of the Roblox YouTube community for years (since 2016), but has dipped into Minecraft builds in the past with some friends. The best part of this legendary channel, with well over 4 million subscribers and billions of views, is that it’s a seemingly endless fountain of content. Sketch uploads multiple times a week, so the giggles never have to stop.

#2 — Denis

Image via Denis on YouTube

There’s something to be said for staying power, and Roblox YouTuber Denis has it. Since 2016, Denis has been uploading Roblox content onto YouTube where he interacts with the community, and he has over 9 million subscribers that love his content. With the occasional deadpan humor, strange Roblox experiences, and jumping face-first into the community, Denis has become a permanent part of the Roblox YouTube community.

The best part is that Denis constantly is uploading new experiences onto his YouTube channel, mostly covering Roblox, but sometimes looking at other strange games. No matter what Denis is covering, viewers of all ages are sure to enjoy the constant content through the strange world of Roblox.

#1 — GamingWithKev

Image via GamingWithKev on Youtube

It’s a simple concept: Roblox is nothing without its community, and GamingWithKev is likely one of the coolest community members of the Roblox platform. No one that meets the titular Kevin walks away with a bad time, and his uploads are as unique as his personality. Whether Kevin is racing through obby’s or just chatting with the community in an experience, it’s always a good time.

GamingWithKevin likes reaching the top of the leaderboard for every experience he joins, and often indulges in Robux purchases in experiences which shows players precisely what they could unlock with a bit of real money. The best part about this channel is that while it’s friendly content for all ages, this creator explores all types of Roblox experiences, so viewers are never really re-watching content with various flavors applied.

GamingWithKev is one of the oldest channels recommend in this list, starting his YouTube channel in 2015 and building up his community over time. Kevin is hard to beat in terms of community-building, variety, and upload consistency, making him the number one choice for our best Roblox YouTubers list.