Roly-Poly Lanterns quest – where to find the Firelanterns – Monster Hunter Rise

Simple steps.

Image via Capcom

One of the very first quests you will need to complete in Monster Hunter Rise is called Roly-Poly Lanterns and will involve exploring the game’s first area to find Firelanterns for one of the people in the town.

These Firelanterns look like small green plants, with multiple red flowers on them. As you uncover the map while exploring, their locations will be marked by the small green dots shown below.

These spawn locations will always be the same, and the plants can respawn in the same locations while you are on the quest. This is good news, as the ones in the northern half of the map can be very difficult to find.

Getting to them might involve a lot of climbing, or using the Wirebug, so it is easier to simply farm the southern half of the map in a circuit. Jump on your Palamut and rapidly run through areas 1,2,3,4, and up by 7, grabbing the Firelanterns as you go.

You will also find lots of other important resources, and at the start of the game, you should be farming everything you can lay your hands on, as you never know what resources you will need a lot of.

The quest will automatically end and load you back into the town as soon as you collect the eight Firelantern. Some of the plants can also yield two Firelanterns when you harvest them, reducing the quest time. You will have a total of 50 minutes to complete the quest, so can either explore the map to uncover it all, focus solely on the Firelanters to get it done as quickly as possible, or spend the full 50 minutes farming as much as you can.