Tips To Kill Rom, the Vacuous Spider Boss In Bloodborne

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In the previous part Bloodborne Part 7 Walkthrough, you had fought with Shadow of Yharnam at the Hypogean Gaol. In this part, you will face Rom, the Vacuous Spider. You will be fighting the spider in waters, and there is a cutscene when you approach Pthumerian Queen. You will have to focus more on Rom than on the tiny spiders around, killing them will not help you much. Instead, try attacking the big one all the time and do watch for the air attack where it throws massive blue crystals on you.

Rom, the Vacuous Spider Walkthrough

Rom, the Vacuous Spider Boss Walkthrough

You can found Rom in Byrgenwerth. You will have to jump into a water from a balcony where Master Willem is located. The spider is weak against fire. So you use the weapon effectively against it. Use Bolt Paper or Fire Paper to a weapon and this will help you to get extra damage. Tonitrus is one of the best weapon recommended against Rom with Bolt paper. The first thing you have to do is don’t panic if you see too many tiny spiders around. These spiders can attack by head bash, that means jumping and charging in you from the top. So keep an eye on those around. Next, the meteor shower is lethal, if you are unable to dodge you are dead. Try staying behind the spider and if possible use a flame sprayer this can cause a huge damage.

How To Beat Rom, the Vacuous Spider Boss

Tips To Kill Rom, the Vacuous Spider Boss Phase 1:

In the first phase, you will spot the Rom in the center of the water. As you reach near or attack the spider will summon tiny spiders that will guard her against the side. Also a few will attack you and they can cause a good damage. The good thing is that they are slow so you have a good time to dodge or run away. Target the bodies of these spiders, don’t attack the head, it won’t cause much damage. The head is armored and it is three times stronger than the body. You can either kill the tiny spiders first and approach Rom or you can completely ignore them and directly attack Rom. But watch around for the attacks from the summoned spiders. As the first phase is over where Rom has taken some damage and lose health it will disappear and spawn a bit far from where it was. You can ignore the spiders left they won’t follow you.

Tips To Kill Rom, the Vacuous Spider Boss Phase 2:

Rom will spawn with more spiders this time and when you go near it will use arcane attacks. It will summon blue crystals from the sky towards your direction, keep running in straight line, don’t roll or jump. Just run in the straight line and you can dodge them easily. The same it can do from the ground when you try to approach the spider. After getting enough damage it will once again teleport to a bit far location.

Tips To Kill Rom, the Vacuous Spider Boss Phase 3:

This is very similar to the above phase, you will have to face more spiders, more frequent crystal attacks. When you are near to the spider body be careful, Rom will wave sideways to throw you away. And this attack can kill you. So you have to be extra careful with this part. The best thing to do is try going behind the Rom and attack to get max damage.

After killing them all you will get 22,600 Blood Echoes and the Kin Coldblood. You can read our walkthrough on the next part where you will face The One Reborn, or you can refer our Bloodborne Wiki guide for more updates on the game.