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Top 5 Scariest Easter Eggs In The Pokemon Video Games

Ghost Pokemon and Ghost Girls!

Pokemon isn’t spooky often, but when the iconic franchise does try, it succeeds soundly. Whether it be eerie locations, spooky encounters, or PokeDex entries that unnerve the reader, there are all kinds of creepy little easter eggs to uncover. This guide will go over the top 5 scariest easter eggs in the Pokemon series; some you may know, some you may not.

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5. Cubone’s Story

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The entire story of Cubone is one of the biggest haunting stories Pokemon has to tell. It ties in with Lavender Town a little bit, telling the story of a Cubone’s mother who died, leaving the offspring to claim the skull. Early on in Pokemon, it was one of the most infamous things around besides Lavender Town itself, spawning countless creepypasta, fanfiction, and all kinds of other community interaction and intrigue.

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4. Lavender Town (All of it)

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Lavender Town is almost an obligatory choice for spooky Pokemon happenings within the game. This is the one everyone’s heard of, mostly because in the first games where Lavender Town appeared, the spook was very much on purpose. The town was outright designed to be a little foreboding, with a cemetery nearby for Pokemon. They toned down the town in Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold, making it a bit more friendly and greeting (to both the eyes and the ears), but that hasn’t stopped the infamy that surrounds the term. For lots of little Pokemon fans, this was a gateway into creepypasta reading and fan theories galore.

3. Driftloon’s Pokedex Entries

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Driftloon doesn’t seem like a very menacing balloon, but if you’ve taken a look at its PokeDex entry, you know that’s far from the truth. If you’ve read the PokeDex entry for Driftloon, you know that this Pokemon is actually dangerous, at least to children. According to the PokeDex, the Pokemon enjoys hanging around children, especially lighter ones that it can whisk away to who knows where. Later, in Pokemon games that came after, that detail was taken out.

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2. Yanmask’s Origins

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Yanmask is another case where the Pokemon games gave it a haunting undertone. According to the dex in most games, Yanmask is actually the departed soul of a human that died long ago. The mask that the Pokemon has in its ghosty hand is actually the face of the person who died, and according to the dex, the Pokemon wanders about looking for someone who recognizes the face. It even says that Yanmask has the memories of the departed person, or at least some of them.

1. The Ghost Girl

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One of the most infamous spooky happenings in Pokemon is the Ghost Girl event from Pokemon X and Y. This event is triggered by entering the second floor of a building in Lumiose City. Once you enter, the music will stop, the lights will flash, and a girl will materialize behind the player. After passing you by, she will murmur, “No, you’re not the one.” Once she says this, she’ll disappear off-screen, never to be seen again.

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