Yakuza 0 Chapter 15 Walkthrough | Scattered Light


Tachibana died in Chapter 14 Unwavering Bond, in Chapter 15 Scattered Light you will play as Goro Majima who is looking for Makimura. In this chapter, you will face two bosses Osamu Kashiwagi and Nishikiyama.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 15 Walkthrough

Scattered Light Walkthrough

In the end, you will earn 100,000,000 yen after completing the chapter.

Go To The Champion District

Sagawa will tell you that Shimano is betraying Tojo Clan. Go to the Champion District, there look in the back left corner where you will find a man. Then exit from the same location you entered and a few Shimano Family thug will ambush you. Fight them and then you will see Shimano Family Veterans. You will get a message that Shimano wants to meet you. You will learn that he had set up events that lead to this and he knew that Majima will not kill Makimura. He did this so that Makimura trust Goro, which gives him a chance to exploit the blind girl to get ownership of the empty lot. You have to bring Makimura to Shimano.

Go To Kazama Family Office

You have to find Kiryu first to find Makimura, so begins the search for Nishikiyama at the Kazama Family Office. You will have to fight Kashiwagi to get Nishiki’s location.

How To Defeat Osamu Kashiwagi:

This one is not a tough fight, there will be three levels of bar depletion that will go down pretty fast as you release some good combos on him. He will try to grab you but his defense is pretty weak. There will be a quick time event where you have to hit the keys on the screen to tackle attack. He will use heat attacks on the final level of health and will draw out some good and strong punches on you. A one set of combo can eat more than half of your health. So keep your consumables ready. Run away if he dodges your attack as he will attack you from the backside.

Go To Serena

Once the battle is over you will get info Nishiki’s location from a Kazama Family Rookie. You will find Nishiki here and you have to fight him.

How To Defeat Nishikiyama – Boss Fight Tips:

The fight will begin as you find Nishiki and Reina. There will be a short conversation, and then the fight begins. Nishikiyami will not be a very tough opponent. Similar to other bosses there will be a three-level health bar and you can release a few good combos in the start. You can use the Beast Mode here but he will tackle it nicely. Dodge the heat attacks and then attack from behind. Try using all the objects around to save some time and reduce his health. Avoid getting into the corner as you get less space to run away. You can lure Nishiki to attack you and then attack with powerful combos.

Once the fight is over, you will find that Makimura is missing, her last location was West Park. This completes the chapter. You can read our walkthrough on Chapter 16 Proof of Love or you can also go through our Yakuza-0 Wiki guide for more updates on the game.