Sea of Stars: All Stonemason’s Outpost and Mines Chests & Secrets

Unearth every secret treasure chest in the Stonemason’s Outpost during Sea of Stars for amazing rewards and treasures.

all stonesmason outpost treasure chests

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Most treasures are hidden underground, so Sea of Stars’ Mines are the perfect place to look for chests. The Stonemason’s Outpost mole people are in trouble, but that won’t stop us from scouring every corner of the Wind Tunnels Mines to spot some treasure chests.

From Rainbow Conchs to jewels and key items, the Mines hold many valuable goodies that are easy to miss. This guide covers every secret and chest in the Wind Tunnels Mines in Sea of Stars.

Every Stonemason’s Outpost & Wind Tunnels Mines Chest Location in Sea of Stars

all wind tunnel mines treasure chests
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Ancient Molekin Cloak
Inside a house in the Stonemason’s Outpost.
Rainbow ConchInside a painter’s house in Stonemason’s Outpost, past a green crystal
Teal Amber OreUpper level of the Stonemason’s Outpost lever house.
Shiny PearlUpper level of the Stonemason’s Outpost lever house.
Green LeafPast the lever puzzle with the movable platform and ledge.
Teal Amber OreKeep heading right and jump to reach the upper platform.
Rainbow ConchTo the entrance’s left, hidden behind in the dark.
Teal Amber OreIn the area outside the mines, after unlocking the Mistral Bracelet and Mine Key.
Trader’s SignetMine Key Room Puzzle chest.

Every Stonemason’s Outpost & Wind Tunnels Mines Secret in Sea of Stars

secrets mines sea of stars
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In the Stonemason’s Outpost, some villagers will ask for help.

  • Inside the house to the lower left, a man will ask for help to open a jammed door. To reach the second platform with the chests and working lever, jump from the upper platform’s edge to break some frail soil. This will unveil a Mushroom Cave and the house’s second platform to the right.
  • To the rightmost part of the Stonemason’s Outpost is a girl who would like to bathe. To help her, the pump inside the closed sewers must be activated.

Inside the mines, there is a door that cannot be opened. When interacted with, it prompts us to insert a key item. Inside this heart-shaped hole goes a Mine Key, which can be obtained inside a treasure chest to complete the Mine Key Room puzzle.