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Sea of Stars: Rainbow Conch Locations & Uses

Rainbow Conches are worthwhile items to find in Sea of Stars, and this guide details where to find these colorful shells.

Sea of Stars encourages players to explore the vast world for a swathe of collectibles, including the Rainbow Conches. These colorful shells are found all over, and have a special use that will incentivize players to take the time to find them.

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To help you locate these multi-colored goodies, we’ve put together this guide will all the locations of the Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars, including details on how to get them, and any additional steps needed to unlock them.

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What are Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars?

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Rainbow Conches are a collectible in Sea of Stars that players can find scattered across the game world, either out in the open, or hidden away in secret areas. They can also be obtained as rewards for completing certain puzzles and tasks.

What to Do With Rainbow Conches

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As you collect these conches, you may be wondering what to do with them. I had this question for ages during my playthrough, but after reaching Lake Docarria, I got my answer.

Once you reach this area in the story, you will meet a young girl in the town called Mirna. This collector will dish out rewards to players depending on how many Rainbow Conches they have acquired. These include Accessories to equip, as well as Building Plans which are used in Mirth, a location you unlock in the story.

Additionally, they play a part in the story and later game, but to avoid spoilers we won’t detail that here. Just know it’s worth going out of your way to find them.

The rewards you get from the Rainbow Conches are listed below. We will update this section once we unlock more of the rewards.

RewardDescriptionRainbow Conches Required
Inn PlansAllows you to build the Inn in Mirth.4
CornucopiaAccessory. Increases party max HP by +20.11
Shop PlansAllows you to build the Shop in Mirth.19
Fishing Hut PlansAllows you to build the Fishing Hut in Mirth.22
Falcon-eyed ParrotRelic. Adds a parrot to the Vespertine that loves treasure. Can be prompted while checking the map to offer hints of what treasures are left to find and where.27
Poutine Cooking RecipeRecipe. Allows you to cook Poutine, which cures KO and heals the ally 100%.35
Spa PlansAllows you to build the Spa in Mirth.39
Pudding Chômeur Cooking RecipeRecipe. restore 100% MP to a single Ally.47
Rainbow StarA key item needed to get the game’s true ending.60

All Rainbow Conch Locations in Sea of Stars

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Below we have listed all the locations we have found Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars, including details on their positions, and any additional information you might need when looking for them.

Evermist Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Found in Mooncradle.

Remove the thorns from the farmer’s field on the left side of town, then talk to them to get the conch. You can find the farmer south of the field shown in the image.
Found in Mooncradle.

Right side of town, use your gust ability to push all the leaves together and onto the twig pile. The NPC just next to them will reward you with the conch.
Found in Forgotten Cavern.

When you enter the cavern, enter the first left opening and you will see a pillar in front of you. Use the Minstral Bracelet to move this pillar and find a conch behind it.
Located on the Mountain Trail.

On a small island on the mountain trail path on the right-hand side. You will need the Graplou item to reach it.
Located in Elder Mist Trials.

On the left side trial just after teleporting, you’ll see a stone pillar just to the left. Push this with the Minstral Bracelet and the chest will be revealed.

Sleeper Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Located on the left side cliffs in X’tols Landing.

Head down from the fast travel location and you’ll find the chest tucked away by some climbable cliffs.
Located in the Wind Tunnel Mines Dungeon.

When you descend to the lower floor of the dungeon, the chest can be found to the left of the elevator shaft.
Found in Stonemason Outpost.

Help Chi get water for their bath by clearing the Wind Tunnel Mines dungeon, then entering the nearby building shown in the image to turn on the water flow.
Found in Stonemason Outpost.

Found inside a villager house on the left side of town in the side room. Look for kids playing with a sand castle outside. Requires the Mistral Bracelet items to acquire.
Found in the Moorlands.

Located behind the blue crystal wall near the beginning of this area. You will need the Cobalt Hammer in order to break this Conch.
hwo to remove blue barrier moorlands sea of stars
Found in the Moorlands.

Use the bottom left entrance on the world map, then head up to the top left of the area. You’ll find a green crystal to push into a switch, making a green pillar appear you can platform up and grab the chest.
Found in Coral Cascades.

Located on the right side on a coral ledge towards the bottom of the area. Use the green fan to launch it to a reachable area.
Found in Coral Cascades.

Towards the bottom of the area, find a waterfall with a breakable stone at the bottom. Jump from this waterfall to smash through and find the chest. You can get to the water from the left-side geysers.
Located in Port Town of Brisk.

Found in the leftmost side of the town, head down towards the dock and just continue left till you find some palm trees and a sand area.
Found in the secret store in Brisk.

Head underneath the dock to find the store and a Conch Chest.
Located in Port Town of Brisk.

Win the chest gambling mini-game 5 times and you’ll earn the Rainbow Conch as a reward.
Located in Port Town of Brisk.

Swim to the left from the entrance of the secret store and you will find a boat with a boy and his father. The boy is bored and wants to leave but the dad won’t until he has enough fish.

Give the boy 40 Filets and he will give you the conch.
Located in Port Town of Brisk.

A mole eating an ice cream near the dock will say they want to be immortalized on canvas. After talking to them, head to Stonemason Outpost, and talk to the painter Darro found in the secret room in the inn.

He will head to Brisk and paint the woman. Head back to Brisk, talk to Darro on the dock, and they will give you a conch.
Located in Port Town of Brisk.

Head to the top of Brisk and find the stone rubble off slightly to the right. Enter the rubble and you will find yourself in a secret room, with a conch chest inside.
Found in Port Town of Brisk after the events on Wraith Island.

Go to the beach area and you’ll find two mole children making a sand castle. Talk to them, and you’ll be given the Conch.
Located in the Abandoned Wizard Lab dungeon.

Found on the left side of the room with the waterfall near the small dock.
Located in the Abandoned Wizard Lab dungeon.

Use the Red Crystal to open a red portal. Solve the block puzzle inside, and you will get a chest with a conch.

Wraith Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Located in Wraith Island Docks.

Found under the log walkway when you first see when you arrive on Wraith Island.
Located in the Town of Lucent.

Found inside the house to the left when you enter the town. Speak to the painting in the house after trying to grab the conch chest, then speak to the painting’s brother located in the house above the one in the first house.

You’ll learn you need to give the first painting a Berry Jam for the brothers to make amends. Once you give him the jam, he will give you the chest.
Located in the Town of Lucent.

Found in the top right area of Lucent, jump into the water and swim up until you can climb up on the right, and find the chest in a small piece of land.
Located in Cursed Woods.

Found in a small cave on the left side after crossing the log bridge section. This area is found after clearing two of the vine walls that block your path to the Haunted Manor.
Located in the Flooded Graveyard.

To the left of the giant skull entrance to the Necromancer’s Lair, the chest is floating in the water.
Found in the Necromancer’s Lair.

Able to be acquired shortly after getting the Graplou item. Found in the top right area of the right side of the dungeon while searching for the second green skull.
Located in the Haunted Manor.

Can be found in the kitchen/dining area of the manor and is accessed via a secret entrance found in the garden area to the left.
Located in the Half-Sunken Tower.

Found in the southern waters near the south dock. You will need to have opened Romaya’s Secret Passage and gotten the Yellow Flame from Duke Aventry to get to this location

Settler’s Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Located in the Crypt.

Once you enter the Crypt, just look to the top right and you should see the chest just behind a pillar.
Located in Mirth.

Once you have unlocked the fisherman’s hut, head to the pond and go to the top right corner, You will see a chest there for the taking.
Located in Mirth.

Head into the main building left of the save point, head to the back, and up onto the roof. The chest is hidden in the top right just behind some wooden logs.

Stillpond Island Rainbow Conch Location

Located on Stillpond Island.

Go to Stillpond Island and enter the fishing location. You’ll find the chest in the top right corner.

Lake Docarria Rainbow Conch Locations

Located in Lake Docarria town.

Go inside the house in the bottom right of town and climb up the back to jump into the whirlpool to go underwater. Swim to the other whirlpool and you’ll find the chest inside this home.
Located in Lake Docarria town.

Found inside the merchant’s hidden area. Enter the store, and run up the back and enter the whirlpool, go underwater, Follow through, and go up the gap to the further whirlpool. come up and the chest is to the right.
Located in Lake Docarria town.

Find the old man on the right of town who will ask you to play hide and seek with his grandkids. They will be hiding throughout the town.

They can be found in the building left of the conch market in the private chamber, in the item shop private chamber, and in the same room as the Coral Vase Artifact.
Located in Antsudlo Tower.

On the last set of rooms before the end of the tower, on the right side room. You need to lower the water here and cycle back around using the top pipe in the left room to be able to jump down to get the chest and open the way to get out.

Watcher Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Located in the Jungle Path.

After getting the Solstice Amulet, you will be able to solve the Eclipse puzzle here to open the big head cave.
Head in, climb up the vines, then Graplou across to the other vines and follow the path. Will lead you to a small ledge outside with the chest.
Found in Sacred Grove.

Just before you reach to top area of Scared Grove, head over to the waterfall and you will find a chest just to the right inside of it with a conch.
Found in Torment Peak.

When you enter the second area of this dungeon, head to the left, climb down the vines, and follow the path round to a small cave. the chest with the conch is inside.
Located in Mossy Cache.

After solving the puzzle here, the chest can be found in the left corner.

Glacial Peak Rainbow Conch Location

Located on Glacial Peak.

On the way down the Glacial Peak after getting the Solstice Amulet, head down the main ladder, and head to the left, Follow the path round until you come out to a small ledge with the chest waiting.

Mesa Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Located in Autumn Falls.

Found at the top of the tree fort on the left side amongst the leaves and treetops.
Located in Bamboo Creek.

Found in the water right as you enter this small area.
Located in Songshroom Marsh.

Found behind Yomara’s hut to the right-hand side.
Located in Clockwork Castle.

Found during the tower ascent, on the second set of puzzles in the room with the moving ladder puzzle.

Cloud Kingdom Rainbow Conch Locations

Located in the Cloud Kingdom.

Found in the rest area of the Inn., The inn is located at the first teleport in the Cloud Kingdom.
Located in the Cloud Kingdom.

Behind the right pillar when you enter the council area.
Located in the Air Elemental Skyland Dungeon.

Found in a chest in the same location as the Conflagrate Combo Attack, next to the triangle slab pillar.

Kiln Mountain Rainbow Conch Location

Located in Kiln Mountain.

During the red boulder pushing puzzle after the second save point, you will find it behind some stone spikes. Use the boulder to break the spikes and get the chest.

Cerulean Island Rainbow Conch Locations

Located in the Derelict Factory.

Once you have access to the crane, you will find the chest in the top right corner of the crane room, which you can grab and place near to you.
Located in Repine.

Head behind the inn on the left side of town, and you will find the chest right behind it in an alley.
Located in Repine.

In the merchant’s shot with the pink sign on the right of town, will find it sitting to the left of the merchant.
Located in Repine Inn.

You will need to feed the robot to the right of the innkeeper certain types of food to get them to hand over a conch. Their requests and the food required are as follows:

Sweet = Berry Jam or Peach Strudel
Warming = Hearty Stew
Meaty = Roast Sandwich
light = Basic Salad
From the water = Anything with fish
Located in the Cerulean Expanse.

You will need to follow specific instructions from a stranger in the Repine Inn in order to navigate the maze of Cerulean Expanse.

Follow these directions: south, southwest, southeast, south, and you will reach the area with multiple chests and the conch.

Sky Base Rainbow Conch Location

Located in Sky Base.

In a small alcove during the beginning moving block puzzle.

Sacrosanct Spires Rainbow Conch Location

Located in the Seat of the Triumvirate.

Just before the fight with Brother Casugin, Abstarak and Rachatar, you will find the conch chest just to the left of the campfire.

Miscellaneous Rainbow Conch Location

Located in the Throne of the Queen That Was.

Just next to the stairs up to the throne, you’ll find the chest tucked off to the side.
Located in the Sunken Docarri Ruins‘ final area.

After beating the Sea Slug boss, you will find this chest next to the final red chest.

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