Sea of Stars: All X’tol’s Landing & Moorlands Chests & Secrets

Uncover every hidden treasure chest and secret in the Moorlands and X’tol’s Landing in Sea of Stars for special items.

all Moorlands Treasure Chests Sea of Stars

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After a giant fastballs, the entire party from the luscious Mountain Trail to this autumn, cozy new area, the quest to uncover every secret chest location continues. The Moorlands is the first area of the world players can explore after fully unlocking their ability to “use magic without magic.” Though there are new puzzles and challenges to be found, the treasure chest mechanic remains the same.

Just like Mountain Trail, the Moorlands are peppered with secret treasure chests waiting to be uncovered. Some have gold, some have jewels, but few of them contain invaluable loot that you will otherwise have to purchase at some Merchant. Here is where you can find all of the chests at Moorlands in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars: Every Chest Location in Xtol’s Landing & Moorlands

all Moorlands Treasure Chests Sea of Stars
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90x GoldLeft to the Xtol’s Landing entrance, right next to the stairs.
Solstice Mage RingTo the entrance’s right, descend down the stairs to find a hidden cave with a chest at the end.
all Moorlands Treasure Chests Sea of StarsRainbow ConchPast the tightrope area, go down the stairs to find this treasure to the left in Xtol’s Landing.
Power BeltOn the platform above the Blue Barrier, to the right
4x Teal Amber OreSouth to the green crystal
Rainbow ConchNorth to the green crystal
Rock LidNear the lake east to the second save point
Rainbow ConchGreen Crystal Puzzle Chest
Rainbow ConchBehind the Blue Barrier
Mushroom Soup RecipeInside cave near the end of the Moorlands, accessible by dropping down through a square-shaped hole north.

Sea of Stars: Every Secret in Xtol’s Landing and the Moorlands

hwo to remove blue barrier moorlands sea of stars
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In Xtol’s Landing, players can find some indecipherable runes. When interacted with, the main character reveals that the passing of time has made the writing on the runes impossible to decipher. Players can find Teaks here, a potential party member and historian who inspects the ruins, looking to uncover their secret meaning.

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There is a portion of the Moorlands that is blocked by a peculiar blue barrier. To break the barrier, players must acquire the Cobalt Hammer later on in the story. Behind it lies a Rainbow Conch.

Near the blue barrier, there is also a mysterious green crystal. This crystal blocks the path to access a chest. The ability to move these crystals will be unlocked in the upcoming area.