Sea of Stars: All Teaks Stories and How to Unlock Them

Teaks stories add lore and flavor to Sea of Stars rich world, and this guide details how to unlock her stories.


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Sea of Stars is speckled with colorful characters that add flavor and personality to the world, and one of the most notable is the historian Teaks. This NPC is on a quest to discover the secrets and history of the world, and players can help Teaks on her quest and get some cool stories to boot.

By assisting Teaks, players unlock stories that expand the world of Sea of Stars, and offer insight into the game’s lore and history, adding depth and richness while also being a fun collectible to search for on your journey.

We’ve put together this guide with all of Teak’s stories, and how to unlock them, including their artifact locations, and details on the stories you unlock with them.

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Who is Teaks in Sea of Stars?

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Teaks is an NPC character who joins the player’s party in the early stages of the game. They are a traveling historian who explores the world searching for artifacts, knowledge, and stories of the world of Sea of Stars.

They join the party as Cargo, which are companions that do not engage in combat or level up alongside the main party but are still part of your group and an important part of the game.

During player’s adventures, they will come across special items called Artifacts, which they can give to Teaks when resting at a campfire or aboard the Vespertine, and doing so will unlock stories. These stories add lore and context to the world and make it richer, like explaining certain characters’ origins or detailing an important lore event.

All Artifact Locations and Their Stories in Sea of Stars

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Below we have listed all the Artifacts in Sea of Stars and their locations, so you know where to find them while exploring. We also have a few details on what stories they relate to, so be prepared for some minor spoilers.

ImageStory NameArtifact RequiredDescriptionLocation of Artifact
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_VespertineThe VespertineN/AA story about the cursed ship the Vespertine, and its Captain and Navigator’s bitter disagreement.Teak’s already knows this story, so you do not need to unlock it.
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_Great_SummoningThe Great SummoningThe Ancient Molekin ClockThe story of the Mole people of Xtol’s Mountain and the summoning of the Sky Serpent.Found in a chest inside a house in Stonemason Outpost on the left side of the town. Look for young kids playing with a sandcastle outside.
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_Three_SistersThe Three SistersRomaya’s HairpinThe Story of the three sisters Moyara, Yomara, and Romaya, and their respective fates.Found in the entrance to the Necromancer’s Lair Dungeon.
Sea_of_Stars_Vampire_Rose_LocationThe Vampire RoseStone Tablet PieceA tale of how Death cursed a rose to extend people’s lives who hold it, but at a terrible price.Found under the waterfall on the Jungle Path.
Sea_of_Stars_Nomads_Sea_LocationThe Nomads of the SeaOld Coral VaseTells the story of the sea nomads of Docarri Village and their duty as guardians of Antsudlo.Found on the left side of Lake Docarri village. Head into the store, jump into the whirlpool, and follow it through to the end of the path. Come back up to the surface, and it will be in the chest to the right.
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_Two_AlchemistsThe Two AlchemistsN/ATells the tale of Resh’an and Aephorul, two powerful alchemists, and how Aephorul falls into dark forms of magic, and the conflict that follows. It also reveals details on many lore points in the story.Gained when Res’han joins your party and meets Teaks on the Vespertine.
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_MooncradleMooncradle and the Elder MistCelestial Willow LeafTells the story of how Mooncradle was created, and the forming of Zenith Academy, and the details some lore on the Solstice Warriors.Found under the Celestial Willow in Mooncradle.
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_Clockwork_CastleThe Clockwork CastleCog PrototypeDetails the creation of the Clockwork Castle at the hands of the Watchmaker and kids from another world found by the Fleshmancer, and a curse placed on the castle trapping them inside.Found on the right side of the castle during your ascent to the entrance.
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_ParadiseParadise LostAventry crestStory of Duke Aventry in his previous life, about his love and eventual downfall, as well as how he came to serve Romaya.Rewarded for freeing Duke Aventry from service, and found in his coffin in the bottom left of the Flooded Graveyard.
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_Cloudy_ShardKhukharr the UnyieldingCloudy ShardTells the tale of how the Cloud Kingdom was created, as well as several other major landmarks, and some history about Mesa Island.Found just below Puntie the fast travel giant in the Clod Kingdom.
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_Broken_HandleEs’tristaeBroken HandleTells the story of T’kor, who helped build the Sacrosanct Spires and, the false god Es’tristae, and T’kor’s vision of the future involving the Solstice Warriors, and his plans to help them succeed in saving his world.Found to the left when you first enter Lookout in Sacrosanct Spires.
Sea_of_Stars_Teaks_Joce_BuckleThe Cerulean ExpeditionJoce’s Belt BuckleThis is an expedition log made by one of an NPC named Joce who along with others, was trying to help Serai find the location of the Queen that Was.

Given to you by Serai after beating the Dweller of Dread when you talk to them in camp.