Sea of Stars: Data Strip Locations & How to Use the Cypher

This guide will details where to find the Data Strips in Sea of Stars, and explain where to use the Cypher.


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Sea of Stars has a lot of secrets and collectibles for players to find, one of them being Data Strips. These items are found when you make it to Serai’s World, and the game doesn’t explain what they are for or how you use them. It turns out they are needed to get a certain collectible, but players may be confused about how to find them and where to use them.

To help you find these items and their uses, we’ve put together this guide with details on what the Data Strips do, their locations, and where to use them.

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What Are the Data Strips for in Sea of Stars?

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The Data Strips are an item in Sea of Stars that players can pick up towards the end of the game while exploring Serai’s World. They are needed to create an item called a Cypher, which is required to access a certain area found in Repline for a collectible.

Data Strip Locations in Sea of Stars

Compared to some other items and the game’s collectibles like Rainbow Conches, there aren’t many Data Strips you need to find, and they are pretty easy to get to, making this a much easier experience than some other areas of the game.

Below, we have listed all the locations of the Data Strips. There are 4 in total.

Sea_of_Stars_Data_Strip_1Found in the Cerulean Reservoir.

When you enter this fishing area, head up to the top of the area and you will find a chest with the Data Strip inside.
Sea_of_Stars_Data_Strip_2Found in Repline.

When facing the merchant on the right side of town (look for the green and pink neon sign), you will see the chest to the right in a small area lower down. Jump down from here or the roof, or you can head up the alley at the bottom right of town.
Sea_of_Stars_Data_Strip_3Found in the Speedball Network Station.

When you enter this area, you will find the chest plain as day on the left side of the room.
Sea_of_Stars_Data_Strip_4Found in the Fleshmancer’s Lair.

When you are in the puzzle room with the giant eyeballs, you will find a chest in the top right corner of the room with the Data Strip. Use the eyeball to break the spike walls and reach this area.

Making the Cypher and Unlocking the Merchant’s Door

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Once you have all of the Data Strips, you will need to take them to Serai’s Workshop, which you will have seen by the time you have all the Data Strips. If you have forgotten, it is at the top of Repline.

Inside here, you will find a table just to the left. Interact with this table, and Cedric, Serai’s AI computer companion, will say you need to have enough Data Strips. If you have all four, they will then create the Cypher for you.

With your new Cypher, head into the merchant on the right of town, the same person who one of the Data Strips just outside, with the green and pink sign, and head to the door on the right side. Interact with it and use the Cypher to open the door, leading you to two chests, one with the Cosmic Cape Armor and the other with Question Pack #9.