Sea of Stars: Where to Find Quiz Master and All Question Packs, Locations

The Quiz Master has a extra little activity players can enjoy in Sea of Stars, and this guide explains where to find them.


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Sea of Stars players will form connections with many characters throughout their journeys, including the Quiz Master, a talking magic jar with a quiz show in a shed. We know it sounds a bit odd, but it provides another way to win valuable prizes and collectibles.

To help you find these elusive question packs and the Quiz Master, we’ve put together this guide with all the details on the Quiz Master’s location, how the quiz works, and where to find additional quiz questions to earn more rewards.

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Who is the Quiz Master in Sea of Stars?

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The Quiz Master is an NPC character players can find in Sea of Stars located underneath the town of Lucent. They run a game show-style quiz where players can earn rewards such as ores and other valuables to sell by answering questions.

These questions tend to be related to the game in some way, such as certain mechanics, story moments, or particular tidbits about the game’s world.

Where to Find the Quiz Master in Sea of Stars

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Finding the Quiz Master can be a lengthy process – one I did not expect to be as involved as it was – and a bit tricky if you don’t know where to look, so we will detail each step here.

First, you will need to have cleared the Necromancers Lair Dungeon, which is located on Wraith Island, as this will get you the Graplou item. Once you have done this dungeon, you’ll want to head back to Lucent.

Now, to start, you need to find a Turbo Cookie. Yes, it sounds strange but stick with us as it’s part of a chain of events you need to do. Head to the right side Lucent and you will be able to climb up onto the bridge, where you will use your Graplou and some platforming to traverse around the area, leading you to the roof of the Inn. Here, you’ll find a doorway that contains a chest inside holding the Turbo Cookie.

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With the cookie in hand, head to the left side of the town towards a small graveyard, where you will find a wandering NPC carrying a big sword looking for said Turbo Cookie. Give this NPC the cookie, then you’ll need to battle and defeat them. Once that’s done, they will thank you for freeing them, and you can interact with their grave nearby, which will give you a shed key.

Now with this key, head to the right side of town, and just as you are about to leave the area, you’ll see a shed near the bridge. Approach it, use the key, and you’ll enter a room with a well to climb down. From there, you simply follow the path, and interact with the jar at the end of the tunnel and tell it you want to play. The ground will then open, and you will be dropped into the first quiz, and the jar will be revealed to be the Quiz Master.

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After the quiz is done, you will be able to leave via an exit point that spawns beside you. Players can return to the quiz master via a side entrance seen in the image above.

How the Quiz Works in Sea of Stars

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The quizzes are simple. You have two difficulties: casual and expert. Depending on which you pick, you’ll have a variety of questions to answer. On casual, this will be six, on expert, it’s ten. You also can use a “Call Teaks” option, which will call in the NPC Teaks to help answer the question, with casual getting two uses, and expert only having one.

You will need to answer all the questions correctly to pass. Once the quiz is done, you’ll see a small icon next to the question pack denoting if the quiz has been completed, with silver being casual completed, and gold being expert completed.

For starters, you will have one set of questions, but there are others that players can find in the world and take back to the Quiz Master, opening up more questions and potential rewards.

All Question Pack Locations in Sea of Stars

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Below we have listed all the current question packs we have found in Sea of Stars. Currently, we only have a few packs, since these seem to be VERY tricky to find, but we will continue to update this guide as we find them.

Question Pack 1Included when you first find the Quiz Master.The questions in this pack are based on the early stages of the game on Evermist Island and the basic gameplay mechanics.Sea_of_Stars_Quiz_Master_Stage
Question Pack 2Found in Brisk as a reward for winning the Roulette mini-game. Talk to the stranger outside and pay them 90 Gold to get the correct answer and avoid guessing.Questions are about the events and story moments on Sleeper Island, such as the dragon, certain enemies, and characters you will have met by this point in the story.Sea_of_Stars_Question_Packs_2_Location
Question Pack 3Found in the Haunted Manor Library, on the left side on a bookshelf. You will be able to tell which by the sparkles coming from the shelves.Questions are mainly about Wraith Island’s story moments and some of the enemies and encounters here, including Senai.Sea_of_Stars_Question_Packs_3_Location
Question Pack 4Found up in the left corner of the Jungle Path, in the middle of the water.Questions in this pack are centered on the events up to this point in the story, including what happens on Wraith Island. It also has some questions on certain abilities unlocked at this point.Sea_of_Stars_Question_Packs_4_Location
Question Pack 5Found in a chest just after meeting Yomara in Songshroom Marsh.Questions in this pack are around certain story moments up to this point, including dealing with the Dweller of Torment. There are also some tougher questions about enemies and specifics of each character and their backstories.Sea_of_Stars_Question_Packs_5_Location
Question Pack 6Found in the Cloud Kingdom Inn, which is located at the top left side of the Cloud Kingdom area. Interact with the blue crystal-like object to teleport there.Questions in this park are about Mesa Island and the major story moments up to this point, as well as some questions on enemies, moves, and a few characters.Sea_of_Stars_Question_Packs_6_Location
Question Pack 7Found in the Cerulean Expanse secret area, which you learn from an NPC in the Repline Inn. take the directions south, southwest, southeast, south, and you’ll find it.Questions in this pack are about the Cloud Kingdom and story moments up to this point, including some key moments we won’t spoil, as well as enemies and abilities unlocked.Sea_of_Stars_Expanse_Rainbow_Conch
Question Pack 8Found in Sky Base.

Found just after finding Music Sheet #7, just before you enter the big lift.
Questions revolve around Repline and events in Senai’s World.Sea_of_Stars_Question_Packs_8_Location

Why You Should Find and Answer the Question Packs

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Aside from earning an achievement that naturally completionists will want, finding and answering all the question packs actually play a vital part in discovering one of the game’s final secrets, and you need 4 of the Flimsy Hammer items to get to it.

By completing and answering all of the questions for the quizzes, you will earn one of these hammers, so make sure to take the time to complete them and get that final reward!