Sea of Stars: How to Complete Sacrosanct Spires, Hunting Fields & Seat of the Triumvirate

Here’s every solution to the Memory Puzzles in Sacrosanct Spires and how to defeat the Seat of the Triumvirate in Sea of Stars.

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Serai’s world in Sea of Stars has loads of peculiar areas to uncover. However, puzzles and treasures seem to be a common factor across all worlds here. Even when you’re not solving the memory puzzles in the Sacrosant Spires and the Hunting Fields, traversing this area becomes a challenge as soon as you’re trapped in the Gallows. Every use of the Graplieu and Mistral Bracelet lead you one step further to the inevitable boss battle against those three enemies sitting in the Seat of the Triumvirate.

Sea of Stars Sacrosanct Spires & Hunting Fields Walkthrough

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The road starts off in the Sacrosanct spires, which introduces a new color palette and climbable ropes.

Climb the ropes on the right, then jump all the way to the left to find more climbable ropes.
Drop down and deal with the group of enemies.
Climb the platforms to the right and use the ledge to reach the tightrope.
The climbable ropes to the left will take you to the upper platform. Use the Graplieu to reach the ledges on the right.
Grapple the red device under the crystal and quickly backtrack to climb the platforms on the left. Then, use the ropes once again to reach the tightrope.
Use the Graplieu to reach a treasure with a Sapphire Ore and enter the door on the right.

Sea of Stars: All Gallows Puzzles & Chests

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After being ambushed and falling down into Rachater’s trap, it’s time to escape the Gallows. This involves using all acquired abilities and solving some memory game puzzles in Sea of Stars.

Push the cage’s door down to exit.
Push the box right, upward, left, southward, right, and upward to use it as a platform.
Use the ledge south to the green magic cage
Activate the lever to… well, fall into a trap.
Use the Graplieu on the ropes to reach the area to the right.
Push the box to the right, down, right.
Climb it and use the Grapleiu on the device in front.
Push the box to the left, north, and left, and do the same with the device.
Then, push it to the right and climb it to activate the lever.
Operate the magic control panel to activate a Memory Game.
The matching pairs are one above the other.
Use the wind propulsion magic to reach the upper platform.
At the center of it, drop down to find a Sapphire Ingot.
Head back up and climb up the rope.
Use the Graplieu device to pull a new platform.
Repeat the same mechanic with the device to the right.
After jumping on the ledges, repeat the Graplieu process three more times to reveal more climbable platforms.
Defeat the enemies and open the chest to find a Plasma Blade.

Sea of Stars: All Sacrosanct Spires Puzzles & Chests

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Back in the Sacrosanct Spires, there’s still a couple of puzzles to solve before going up against the Seat of the Triumvirate.

Use the magic control panel at the center to engage in a second memory game.
Once solved, use the ropes to reach the higher platforms.
After defeating some enemies, climb the rope on the right.
Push the ball to the left brown and blue tile and Graplieu it to create a hole.
Then, push the ball toward the hole so it drops down.
On the lower floor, push it toward the hole on the right.
Once more, push the ball toward the left and drop down with it.
After defeating some enemies, open the chest in the area to find a Crystal Egg and activate the lever.
Climb the rope and place the Crystal Egg on the pedestal.
Stand on the red elevator for a second to reach higher ground.
Climb the rope and drop to the right hole to find a secret room.
There’s a treasure with a Sparkmesh Armor.
Defeat the enemies below and open the treasure chest to get a recipe for Champion’s Omelette.

Before heading up the stairs to beat the Seat of the Triumvirate, make sure to open the rainbow conch chest to the campfire’s left. When ready, climb up the big stairs to find a treasure with a Neobsidian Staff and face off against these formidable foes.

How to Beat the Seat of the Triumvirate in Sea of Stars

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Defeating Brother Casugin, Abstarak and Rachatar in Sea of Stars is no easy feat. All three bosses complement each other in a way that makes it essential to strategize and prioritize certain targets over others. Since Brother Casugin is a healer, it’s better to take him down first to prevent him from healing the other enemies.

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Boss AppearanceBoss NameMoves
Brother CasuginCasts a phoenix that heals all enemies.
AbstarakCauses one character to get dizzy and inflict themselves.
RachaterThrows mine traps in front of all three characters.