Sea of Stars – All Accessories, Locations, & Effects

Accessories are helpful items in Sea of Stars that makes party members more powerful and provide extra benefits, and this guide details where to find them.


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Sea of Stars is full of items and gear for players to find and equip, helping to make your party stronger and able to tackle the game’s many enemies. One of the most important and valuable pieces of gear is your accessories. These items provide additional benefits and effects to party members that can be very helpful in making them stronger, dealing more damage, gaining resources, or getting more protection.

To help you find these useful pieces of gear, we’ve put together this guide with all the information on accessories in Sea of Stars, including their effects and locations, so that you can pick them up on your journey.

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What are Accessories in Sea of Stars?

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Accessories are one of the equipable items players can find in Sea of Stars, each with different effects and abilities that can help you alter your party with some extra benefits and quirks.

These can range from simple additions to stats, or add new effects to your attacks, such as draining life, or with some of the rarer items, allowing you to see enemy health or weaknesses. Unlike weapons and armor, which can bought from stores, almost all accessories can only be found in the wild, meaning players will need to actively search for them or complete specific tasks like a puzzle to get them.

Players can equip three accessories, two normal and one rare, and they are all passive, so the effects will take effect just by having them equipped to that party member.

All Accessories Locations in Sea of Stars

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Below, we’ve listed all the accessories we have currently found in Sea of Stars, including their locations, effects, and some details on how to find them.

Leeching ThornNormal attacks will heal 15% of damage dealt to the wearer.Found in the Forgotten Cavern Dungeon.

On the left side after reaching the top area of the main dungeon room.
AbacusDisplays non-boss enemies HP in combat.Found in a small cave on the way to see the Elder Mist. Look out for the save point outside; the door is to the left of it.Sea_of_Stars_Abacus_Location
Solstice Mage RingParty members recover 1 MP when they succeed on a timed block.Found in a small cave just below the X’tols Landing fast travel point.Sea_of_Stars_Solstice_Mage_Ring_Location
Power BeltProvides a +4 to attack power.Found in the Moorlands on the right side of the area, just past the blue crystal,

On the rooftops of Brisk, towards the right side of town, and across the tightrope.
Green LeafProvides a +15 to max HPFound in the Wind Tunnel Mines dungeon in a small alcove in the early stage of the dungeon.

Found in the Torment Peaks Dungeon in a chest in the second room, off to the left side.
Eye of YomaraDisplays non-boss enemies’ HP, weaknesses, and resistance in combat.Found in the Brisk Secret Store under the dock.Sea_of_Stars_Brisk_Sercet_Store
Arcane AmuletProvides a +10 to magic defense.On the roofs of Brisk, to the left of the weapon merchant and nearby to the main stairs.Sea_of_Stars_Arcane_Amulet_Location
Shimmering ShardIncreases damage dealt to undead enemies by 15%.Found in a small cave in the Cursed Woods.

In the left upper area of the third vine wall.
Dextrous BangleIncreases the bonus from timed hits and blocks by 10%.Equipped to Serai when you first meet them.Sea_of_Stars_Dextrous_Bangle
Enchanted ScarfProvides a +5 to magic attack.Found in a puzzle room located on the right side of the Flooded Graveyard.

Requires the Graplou item to reach, which is gained during the Nercomancer’s Lair dungeon.
Solstice SashProvides a +7 to magic attack.Found in the Wraith Island Solstice Shrine, just to the left of the main blue chest at the end of the puzzle.Sea_of_Stars_Solstice_Sash_Location
Moonstone BracerProvides a +10 magic attack and reduces the cost of Valere’s Lunar Shield by 2MPFound in the Headmaster’s Office at Zenith Academy. You will need the Key found in Mirth after advancing the story.Sea_of_Stars_Moonbracer_Location
CornucopiaIncreases party max HP by +20.Obtained via the Rainbow Conch Trader in Lake Docarria.Sea_of_Stars_Rainbow_Conch_Merchant
Signet of ClarityDecreases the cost of skills by -1 MP.Found on the Glacial Peak after getting the Solstice Amulet, in the area with see-through ice where you see the DJ easter egg.Sea_of_Stars_Signet_Clarity_Location
Lucent CrystalGenerate an additional Live Mana charge when starting combat.Found in the giant head cave in Jungle Path, you will need the Solstice Amulet to solve the puzzle and get the cave to open.Sea_of_Stars_Lucent_Crystal_Location
Spirit of NinjaCombo Point generation is 10% faster.Found in a hut in Songshroom Marsh involving multiple levels and a moving block puzzle. Go to the left side hole and drop down onto a small mushroom platform with the chest.Sea_of_Stars_Spirit_of_Ninja_Location
Evergreen LeafIncreases wearer’s max HP by +30.Found in the Clockwork Tower during the first set of puzzles in the tower climb on the left room, which involves moving a Graplou block.Sea_of_Stars_Evergreen_Leaf_Location
Blue LeafIncreases wearer’s max MP by +5.Found in the Clockwork Tower during the second set of puzzles on the tower climb. In the left room, right up in the corner of the room after clearing the puzzle.Sea_of_Stars_Blue_Leaf_Location
Assassin’s PinDecreases wearer’s defense by -20, but raises their attack by +10Found in the chest in the Air Elemental Skyland dungeon, resting on the first upward air tunnel.Sea_of_Stars_Assassin's_Pin
Nano InjectorRemoves one star from allies when they are KO’d, meaning they will get up quicker. Can only be equipped by Serai.Found in the Repline merchants store.Sea_of_Stars_Repline_Merchant_Rainbow_Conch
Celestial RayIncreases magic attack by +5, and regular attacks will now regenerate an additional 1 MP.Found in Serai’s World Solstice Shrine.Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_Chest
 Heliacal EarringsIncreases magic attack by +10, and Sunball will now do full damage to splash targets.Found in the Eastern Solstice Shrine.Sea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_Chest