Sea of Stars: How to Complete the Evermist Island Solstice Shrine

The Evermist Solstice Shrine has a helpful item inside and works towards a greater goal in Sea of Stars, and this guide will tell you how to solve this puzzle.


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Solstice Shrines are a helpful side activity in Sea of Stars, offering puzzles for players to complete, and netting them some powerful gear and accessories in the process, all while working towards opening a mysterious door in Mountain Trail. However, these can be a bit difficult for players, and some may need a helping hand to claim the shrine’s treasures.

In this guide, we’ll detail how to complete the Solstice Shrine on Evermist Island in Sea of Stars.

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How to Solve the Evermist Island Solstice Shrine Puzzle in Sea of Stars

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The Evermist Solstice Shrine is fairly straightforward and involves moving several blocks around a set location to guide a special blue crystal box to the end of a set path. However, it can get quite confusing if you misstep or push the blocks in the wrong direction. this was the case for me, as I had to restart this several times.

Here, we will walk you through step-by-step how to solve this Solstice Shrine.

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Upon entering the shrine, you’ll see two stone boxes, one blue crystal box, and a bunch of blue symbols on the ground around the edge of the grid-based flooring in the room. Just past this on the wall, you’ll see a layout that looks like this but with several squares shaded in a purple color. This highlights the path you need to push the blue box to complete the shrine.

To get started, head to the lower stone block and use your gust ability to push it to the right, then head to the other stone box and push it right, then down so it bumps into the stop of the first box. This will make a buffer for you to begin following the path.

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Now, push the first stone box back to its starting point by pushing it left. Now you can start to move the blue box. Push it up into the first block, and then push it to the left into the other block. These keep it on the right track, which you will now begin to see as the ground will light up with pink symbols as it follows the path.

Next, you’ll want to move the stone box on the left side of the room up to the top left corner, and the other stone box up and to the left, making another buffer. Push the blue box up, and then move the box in the top left corner down, and then get the other stone box and move it left, down into the other box, and push it right. Now, push the stone box in the bottom left up into the left corner, then push it into the right top right corner, then down into the other stone box. This will make your next buffer.

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Now, push the blue box to the right, then up, and you’ll have cleared the puzzle and the blue crystal chest will appear containing the Soonrang combo move. Additionally, this will open up a new harbour just outside the shrine in the main world, so you can get onto Evermist Island quicker.