Sea of Stars: The Crypt Explained – Location and Codes

The Crypt is a curious location in Sea of Stars, and one that its Kickstarter backers will want to visit.


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The Crypt is one of Sea of Stars’ more ominous yet most fascinating locations you’ll visit during your playthrough. This sprawling underground graveyard is filled with tombstones and monuments, but some players may be confused about what its purpose is in the game.

To help you get the answers, we’ve put together this guide with all the details on the Crypt in Sea of Stars.

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What is the Crypt in Sea of Stars?

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The Crypt is a location found on Settlers Island, which players will be led to during their playthrough. The Crypt is filled with various tombstones of eclectic shapes and sizes, and players are free to explore this area as much or as little as they want. The Crypt is looked after by the Cryptwalker, a horse-like creature that players meet when they first enter this area. It has no effect on gameplay and is totally optional.

What some players may not know is that this area relates to the game’s Kickstarter campaign, and the tombstones are, in fact, players who backed the campaign that took place in 2020. By interacting with a tombstone, you can see the name of the backer.

Those who backed the campaign at the Solstice Warrior, A Hero to be Remembered, and A Hero to be Worshipped levels will have their tombstones, statues, and monuments in this area, provided they completed all the necessary steps leading up to the game’s release to have them included. Tombstones are the standard option for Solstice Warrior backers, with A Hero to be Remembered backers having custom statues and A Hero to be Worshipped backers getting a hand-made monument in collaboration with the developers.

How to Find Your Memorial in Sea of Stars

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If you are one of the players who backed the game at any of these levels, you will likely want to know how to find your memorial for both bragging rights and to see your name included in the game world.

To find your memorial, you first have to make it to Settler’s Island, which will happen as you progress through the game. You will also have to have completed all the steps laid out by the developers during the making of the game to have it included. This involved going to their specific website and choosing your tombstone and design. If you did all this, you would have been sent a retrieval code, which is what you need when you get to the Crypt.

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Simply talk to the Cryptwalker, and they will ask if you have a code. Click this option, and enter the code you were sent when you chose your tombstone. This will have been sent to the email that you used when logging in to create your memorial. Entering the code will then teleport you to your memorial, and you can bask in its glory. Given how massive the Crypt is, it’s definitely worth using this method to find your memorial.