Sea of Thieves: Lost Sands Adventure guide – story, dates, and rewards

What will happen to Golden Sands?

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A brand new Sea of Thieves Adventure has come ashore. In Lost Sands, players can choose to work with fan favorite Merrick to rebuild the outpost of Golden Sands, or the Servant of the Flame to keep it in ruins forever. As with most events in Sea of Thieves, this one is time limited, so make sure to jump in before the end if you want to influence the game’s map for the foreseeable future.

Sea of Thieves: Lost Sands story

Lost Sands sees players take to the seas accomplishing tasks for either old sea dog Merrick or the mysterious Servant of the Flame. Merrick, with his lust for adventure rekindled after the events of The Shrouded Deep, has decided to rebuild the Golden Sands Outpost, but the Servant would much prefer that it stay in ruins forevermore. Players can join the fight between these two, bringing supplies and resources to Merrick to help rebuild the settlement or disrupting renewal efforts with the forces of the Servant.

There are two main questlines in the Adventure, and despite their opposition to each other, players can still complete both of them and reap the rewards. Simply speak to Larinna and decide your chosen path to kick things off. Outside of the main missions, salty sailors can still continue to help or hinder Merrick, with the fate of Golden Sands hanging in the balance for the duration of the event.

When can you play Sea of Thieves: Lost Sands?

Lost Sands will be running from May 26 until June 9. When the end of the event rolls around, whichever team is in the lead will dictate the fate of Golden Sands. Players can check in on which team is currently leading by taking a look at the Adventure tab.

Sea of Thieves: Lost Sands rewards

It wouldn’t be a Sea of Thieves Adventure without a bit of booty to make it worth the average pirate’s while, and Lost Sands is no different. Players can get cosmetic rewards for completing the Hunter’s Path or the Servant’s Path — or both — as well as a special title for completing all the Adventure Deeds.

Sea of Thieves: Lost Sands Mementos

  • Savior of Golden Sands sail – complete the Hunter’s Path
  • The Servant’s Lantern – complete the Servant’s Path
  • Victor of Golden Sands title – complete all 11 Adventure Deeds