Sekiro: Best Tips to Fighting Lady Butterfly

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the titular character, Sekiro, gets thrown into his past and faces off numerous foes who attacked the Hirata Estate. One fearsome opponent is Lady Butterfly, a senior woman who proves herself a worthy opponent, despite her advanced age. If players face off against Lady Butterfly too early, she’s a far more annoying match than some are ready to fight. Here are the best tips to facing off against her, and the best time to confront her.

Lady Butterfly


While players may have the opportunity to fight Lady Butterfly reasonably early in the game, it’s wise to challenge her a little later. You’ll want to have upgraded your Health Gord’s healing ability at least two times, increase your maximum health twice using prayer beads, and, most importantly, you need to acquire the mechanical barrel. The mechanical barrel gives players the opportunity to upgrade their Prosthetic Tool.

To obtain the mechanical barrel, you need to face off against Gyoubu, a Samurai with the duty of defending the Ashina Castle Gates. He’s a tough foe. However, with the right tips, you’ll make short work of him. After you’ve faced off against him, return to the Sculptor and upgrade your Shuriken tool kit to the Loaded Shuriken.

After you have all of these items set up, you should be ready to take on Lady Butterfly. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to use Gyoubu’s memory and increase your attack power.

Also, before you enter the fight, talk to the nearly dying man at the door. He’ll hand you a Snap Seed, which you’re going to need later on. Make sure it’s in your inventory before you engage her.

Keep Close

When you’re fighting Lady Butterfly, you’ll find out quickly she’s going to throw darts at you throughout the entire fight if you keep your distance from her. Because of this, you’ll want to remain close and deflect her attacks as often as possible. She has a fast slashing attack she’s fond of when you’re close, which you can easily deflect.

However, when you find yourself low on health, you’ll want to use the pillars to your advantage. This way, she’ll throw the darts at the wooden posts, and you can freely take a drink from your gord. When she jumps into the air, you’ll notice she’s balancing on wires, which are unseen to you until she balances on them. When she’s up in the air like that, use your Loaded Shuriken to knock her down. If she stays up there long enough, she’ll dive down at you with an unbreakable attack. You can dodge this by jumping into the air, but you’ll have time your approach carefully.

You may have thought this was going to be a straightforward fight, until she gains a second health bar, despite it not first showing up.


After you land the first killing blow against Lady Butterfly, she’s going to summon multiple illusions. Remember that Snap Seed you were given? Consume it, and the illusions should immediately disappear, leaving you and Lady Butterfly to finish the fight. If you’ve already used your Snap Seed during one battle and have to repeat this part, pull away from Lady Butterfly and fight the illusions head on. Doing so is a good idea if you’re running low on spirit emblems, and need to use more for your Loaded Shuriken.

She’ll use similar moves during the rest of her second health bar. However, the significant change is the small, floating firey butterflies she summons and shoots at you. Luckily, all you need to do is deflect these attacks using your sword. If you don’t have time to do so, you can dodge, but you’ll likely to get hit by these and receive the full damage. You’re going to have an easier time against her if you focus on deflecting them.