Sekiro: Where To Find the Finger Whistle Prosthetic Tool

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There are an array of tools players can find in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to increase the usefulness of the main character’s prosthetic arm. One of these useful tools is the Finger Whistle. Players can use it against Sekiro’s foes to cause a brief distraction, bringing them closer to where he’s hidden, or he can use them on lesser beasts to force them into a rage where they attack anyone in sight. Here’s where you can get it.

Finger Whistle Prosthetic Tool

Sunken Valley

You need to gain access to the Sunken Valley to find this Prosthetic. You’ll naturally find your way down this path by following the game’s main narrative and getting past numerous obstacles. You’ll know you’re nearby the tool once you’ve located the Bodhisattva Valley Sculptor Idol, which is you’re going to find at the bottom of the valley.

The Guardian Ape

When you arrive at the Bodhisatta Valley Idol, you’ll notice this large ape far off in the distance. You’re going to acquire the Prosthetic tool by killing the ape, which is a difficult fight. Here’s a break down of some of the best ways to do it, along with strategies you may find useful.

Once the fight is over, one of the items you’re going to acquire off of the Guardian Ape is the Slender Finger. You can take this back to the Sculptor at the Dilapidated Temple where you can request to add it to your Prosthetic Arm, gaining the Finger Whistle tool.

When you do, you’ll find it’s a helpful tool to distract enemies who are not aware of your presence yet. Also, you can use it against lesser beasts, such as monkeys, wolves, and dogs, forcing them to enter combat with anyone near them. If you’re still in cover, it’s not going to be you.