Severance Enclosure stats and perks – Destiny 2

Time to hit things.

Severance Enclosure

Severance Enclosure is a Titan Exotic chest armor in Destiny 2. It can be obtained randomly from Exotic Engrams, or Xur on one of his weekly visits. The Exotic comes with the Sphermatik Trigger perk, and randomly rolled values for the stats.

The Severance Enclosure has the following lore in the description:

The loop is made. Over and over until the collision. At that moment, severed fission.

Spheromatik Trigger

Arc, Solar, and Void melee final blows unleash a damaging explosion. Finishers and final blows against more powerful targets increase the radius and damage of the explosion.

Below, you will find the default stats giving in the games Collections tab.

  • Mobility – 6
  • Resilience – 6
  • Recovery – 10
  • Discipline – 12
  • Intellect – 6
  • Strength – 6

The armor piece will roll with the following mod slots:

  • Basic general armor mod slot
  • Basic chest armor mod slot
  • Basic chest armor mod slot

The Severance Enclosure will work extremely well with the bottom tree for Striker Titan, the Code of the Juggernaut, and the Monte Carlo. The Monte Carlo will help you gain back melee energy, and will also buff the damage that your melee attack does. This will also buff the explosion damage from the Severance Enclosure.

The Code of the Juggernaut will give you the Reversal ability, which causes you to regenerate health when you kill enemies with a melee attack. Frontal Assault will allow melee strikes to reload your weapons, and increase their stability and damage. Knockout will extend your melee range and damage when you critically wound an enemy or break their shields. The interaction of all the perks and abilities will allow you to really lay waste to enemies with melee attacks.