Path Of The Dead | Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough

In the previous chapter Path of the Living Lara was able to made into the temple and now she is on her way to get out of this. A major part of this chapter Path of the Dead you will be swimming through sunken part of the temple. You will face Trinity on your way to Kuwaq Yaku.

Path Of The Dead Walkthrough

Path Of The Dead Walkthrough

You will unlock a new skill Eagle’s Talon here at the very beginning that will help you to deal with Trinity guards.

Find Another Way Out Of The Temple:

Exit the area through the broken wall on the left side. There will be another cutscene which will unlock Eagle’s Stalon. Take the door on the right. Jump into the water and swim down.

Escape The Flooded Ruins:

There are piranhas in water, to avoid them hide in underwater grasses. Follow the beacon, and use Survival Instinct to scan for air pockets. Watch out for the Piranhas fish in red once you scan them to hide in the grass to avoid the fish. After swimming through the ruins return to Kuwaq Yaku. There will be few Trinity guards. Once you reach near a crashed vehicle you will see armed guard attacked by some mysterious creature. As you follow the beacon you will find more guards are attacked.

Make Your Way Through The Hangar:

You can climb on the trees and take down enemies by a rope arrow. Kill a few more guards in your way to cross the hangar area. You will hear voices of more attacks. To go out of the hangar climb up on the wooden logs placed to block the path. Outside you will see a lot of dead bodies. Return to the entrance where you left Jonah last.

The chapter is over once you reach the entrance of the ruins where you left Jonah. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Path To The Hidden City. For more updates on the game do have a look on Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Wiki guide.