Shitoki’s Treasure – Genshin Impact – all Map Fragment and Conch locations

Requests from the other side.

After players have completed the full Through the Mists questline on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact, they will find some small changes on the island. One of them will be blue conchs that can be found in certain places. The first one can be found right beside the beach near the Statue of the Seven.

Interacting with it will cause a spirit called Shitoki to appear, and he will ask you to track down all the other conches. They contain map fragments that can lead you to some treasure. The rest of the conches can be found scattered around the map, and you can see all their locations below.

Once all four fragments have been connected, players will need to teleport back to the statue of the seven, then run up the small hill behind them to find Shitoki overlooking the sea.

Speak to him and he will reconstruct the map, and looking at it will reveal that you have to go to Mt. Kanna. Go back to the small stone tablets you were investigated with Ruu at the bottom of the mountain cavern and dig there to find the treasure.

  • 1 – This first conch can be found here near the Waverider summoner.
  • 2 – The second conch can be found here in the ruins
  • 3 – The third conch can be found right beside the shipwreck
  • 4 – The fourth conch can be found in the bottom of the Shikikoro peak, below the magical tree
  • 5 – This is where players need to investigate after they have returned to Shitoki