Should you Be Brave or Become Legend in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen?

It’s time to choose your fate.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Destiny 2’s new expansion, The Witch Queen, has put a much larger emphasis on its story element than the series’ other recent entries, Shadowkeep and Beyond Light. As part of the renewed emphasis on its narrative, players can choose between two different difficulty levels to play each mission in the campaign: Classic and Legendary.

The Classic difficulty offers up the story of The Witch Queen exactly as most Destiny fans will expect, with a standard level of difficulty that elevates over the course of the campaign as players’ Guardians grow stronger. Those looking for the most straightforward path to get through the story will want to start here.

The Legendary version of The Witch Queen’s campaign missions amps things up with difficulty modifiers that force Guardians into more strategic and tactical gameplay. Enemies hit harder across the board, while the player’s power level is always brought to a level slightly below that of their adversaries, making for tougher fights. Solo players looking for the highest challenge they can get out of the story or fireteams with strong teamwork will get the most out of the Legendary missions, with more plentiful rewards for players that take on the challenge and a faster endgame grind for those that complete all of the campaign missions on Legendary.

Players don’t have to stick with one difficulty or the other permanently for runs through the campaign. Each mission gives both options to choose from at launch in the Director menu, and you can replay every part of the campaign at will, meaning fans could possibly start off their journey with Classic before coming back to complete the missions on Legendary. The Destiny series hasn’t offered elective difficulty levels for story missions since the days of the first game, so it’s a welcome addition to the new expansion.