Should you choose Nopon coins or EXP and Gold in skirmishes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Which reward should you pick?

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 gives you the chance to earn several rewards as you explore the game. When you’re out wandering around in the wilderness, there are skirmishes you can battle in where you will need to pick a side. Each side has different benefits, and they are drastically different from each other. Should you choose Nopon coins or the EXP and Gold reward for skirmishes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

The best rewards from skirmishes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

When it comes to selecting these two options, we’re going to recommend you go with Nopon Coins. It is the rarer commodity of the two choices. You can earn EXP and Gold while exploring the world, completing missions, or battling monsters and other enemies you encounter in the wild. However, Nopon Coins are more difficult to find, typically restricted to completing side quests, finding them in containers, or completing skirmishes.

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Skirmishes appear every so often while you explore a region in Xenoblade Chronicles. You can return to these areas and rebattle skirmishes, which you can do by Skip Traveling to another location and then coming back to that skirmish location. However, the only time you receive a reward is the first time you encounter that skirmish. After you’ve done it once, you fight at the skirmish again, but the rewards will not be available.

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The world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is massive. You will encounter multiple skirmishes as you wander the countryside, and the more areas you learn about, the more items and quests you’ll find along the way. We recommend working your way through multiple side quests to acquire more Heroes for your party and to discover more traversal movement, such as Scree Walking.