Should you complete Thoughts of the Protagoras in Ixion?

Much to think about.

Image by Kasedo Games

Ixion is a game where every choice matters. With limited crew and resources, you, as “the Administrator,” have to navigate through a series of difficult decisions that will ultimately decide the fate of your campaign. One of these choices is completing Thoughts of the Protagoras, part of The Dangers Of Space Exploration side mission, which should be completed if players are aiming for the Help of the Forgotten Member achievement, which requires players to initiate Naomi Protocol three times. Here is how you can complete Thoughts of the Protagoras in Ixion.

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How to complete Thoughts of the Protagoras in Ixion

Image by Kasedo Games

The Dangers Of Space Exploration side mission will become available to the player after Chapter 2, after you have left the Solar System. Players will have to research the Protagoras Diagnostic Analysis to unlock Save the Protagoras.

First, send a Science Ship over to the Protagoras. You will then be given the following options:

  • Repair the superstructure of the Protagoras (100 Alloy, 60 Polymer, 3 Cycles, 1 Cargo Ship, Tiqqun docked with the Protagoras): will give the player a new choice
  • Re-establish internal infrastructure and food distribution (100 Alloy, 100 Food, 2 Cycles, 1 Cargo Ship): gives 50 Workers and 200 Non-Workers

Move the Ixion away from the Protagoras and next to Deville 59 instead to avoid the ice coming out of the Immortan zone. Pick “Re-establish internal infrastructure and food distribution,” and you will be given an additional option:

  • Naomi Protocol: Meet the Elders (3 Cycles): 2 Crew Members leave the Tiqqun

Remember that selecting this may potentially break any promises you have made about losing Crew Members from Science Ships. You will then be given these options:

  • Install a copy of Edden (5 Cycles): disables other choices
  • Naomi Protocol: Save a copy of the Protagoras’ P.A. (5 Cycles): 60 Science, disables other choices
  • Leave the Protagoras: disables other choices

Select “Naomi Protocol: Save a copy of the Protagoras’ P.A.”. Once you have made your selection, you will be allowed to leave the location.