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Should you get Field Notes: Deino Community Day Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Is this Community Day ticket for Deino worth your time?

Community Days are significant events in Pokémon Go, and the Field Notes: Deino Special Research ticket will be available during June 2022’s Community Day, featuring Deino. On June 25, from 11 AM to 2 PM in your local timezone, Deino will be spawning throughout the day, giving you multiple opportunities to catch this elusive Dragon-type Pokémon and add it to your collection. Should you get the Community Day Special Research ticket Field Notes: Deino in Pokémon Go?

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Is Field Notes: Deino worth it?

Before the Community Day starts, we recommend purchasing the Field Notes: Deino Community Ticket before the event begins. Although we typically warn players about buying this item and advise against it, Deino is a different story. Deino is a Dragon-type Pokémon you can seldom reliably catch outside of specific events. The Community Ticket will allow you to earn multiple items that you can use to catch more Deino and give you specific encounters with the Pokémon and its evolved form, Zweilous.

The rewards you receive for the Field Notes: Deino Community Day Special Research will consist of items seen in previous Special Research stories. There will be various types of Poké Balls, Deino candy, Stardust, lures, a Rocket Radar, Poffin, incense, and berries for working throughout the four tasks featured in the ticket. You will want to have as many Poké Balls and lures in your inventory for this event to eventually evolve Deino into Hydreigon, where it can learn to use the exclusive Community Day move, Brutal Swing.

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The Community Day ticket, Field Notes: Deino, will be roughly $0.99 (USD), and the exact price will vary based on your location and country. It’s a low payment for multiple items, and if you plan to participate in the Deino Community Day event on June 25, it’s a must-have purchase. Plus, for any shiny hunters looking to add this one to their location, this will be the best opportunity to do so outside Pokémon Go Fest events.

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